Ticketless Entrance car_ticketless.jpg

Ticketless solution

Without a ticket directly to the parking space

  • The system detects the license plate as an access medium
  • Maximum comfort for your customers
  • Prevents fraud
  • Ideal for shopping centers, retailers or hotels

Based on Parking.Logic in combination with the PlateTech.Logic system for license plate recognition, your guests enjoy the highest comfort, because thanks to the direct entrance to the parking garage there is no need to stop to take a ticket. The chance of ticket loss is eliminated and fraud risk is also reduced.

How it works

At the entrance, the system automatically detects the license plate as an access medium – ideally combined with the intelligent Barrier.Gate ‘Smart’ barrier which is used without a parking column. Or even omit a barrier completely. The license plate is also read automatically upon exiting. Should a payment be necessary, this is done using the Power.Cash ‘Touch’ automated payment machines, with a credit card directly at the optional Lite.Gate exit column, or at a manned cash desk.

Ticketless Solution

License Plate Recognition

Besides allowing for convenient access and exiting for customers, LPR also gives you security, useful data, and streamlines your operations. Combine access management and payment control for one time, and long-term customers. Save money on paper tickets while helping the environment. Exiting is fast, efficient, and of course, ticketless. LPR also allows you to ethically collect useful information about your customer. This valuable data can be used to better target marketing activities.

Ticket Advanced Solution

sweb.Reserve for complementary services

Using the service sweb.Reserve, not only can your guests reserve their parking space in advance, but you can also sell additional services such as weekly, event and congress cards easily and conveniently over the Internet.
You provide maximum comfort, for example, for shopping center, retail or hotel customers. In addition, this is the ideal solution for parking operators where the first hours are offered free of charge – for those situations in which the customer’s comfort is even more important than the generation of parking revenue.