the visitor management platform

    Improve future offerings: connect with your visitors, partners and infrastructure to multiply your use cases


    • SKIDATA Connect, the digital platform for visitor management and business partners fosters convenience for all, connecting clients, partners and visitors based on customer experience.
    • With the visitor management platform, you can integrate additional solutions, your own solutions and partner solutions, into your local infrastructure to connect your visitors with multiple use cases. SKIDATA provides you with reduced complexity for one-stop shopping. The platform grows with future customer needs and protects your investments.
    • The hybrid architecture of SKIDATA Connect ensures the highest reliability and uptime.

    SKIDATA Connect


    SKIDATA connect for visitors

    • Increase value and experience for your visitors.
    • Higher convenience with booking and payment online.
    • eCommerce, ticketing, mobile reservations, mobile payments, EV-Charging and EV-Charging payments: all this with their smartphone and the use of their favorite apps.


    SKIDATA connect for operators

    • Increase efficiency and open new revenue streams.
    • Data Driven Decisions: Providing facts as a basis for your decisions.
    • One-stop shopping makes it simple for you. 


    • Integrate into SKIDATA Connect and profit from a huge install base.
    • Decrease time to market with open interfaces and get immediate access to new markets and new end users.
    • Multiply your possible use cases and create new revenue streams.

    Improve future offerings based on the data managed, captured and secured by the SKIDATA Connect platform


    Increase efficiency and open new revenue streams

    • Connectivity to not only existing systems in your own infrastructure, but also to completely new partners and 3rd party vendors opens new use cases, new revenue streams and recurring business.
    • Open interfaces facilitate integrating additional services, connecting your clients with multiple use cases, your own solutions and partner solutions, while offering one-stop shopping for you.
    • Continually provide the newest services to your customers, up to date and secure, as ongoing innovation and convenience is built-in.
    • SKIDATA Connect is therefore modular and scalable; it enables protection of your investment as it grows with your future needs, not only now but also in the future.

    One-stop shopping makes it simple for you

    • A platform that integrates theoretically everything, reduces complexity and fragmentation of your multi-system architecture.
    • SKIDATA offers open interfaces to help make it simpler to integrate additional services. This provides not only one-stop shopping for you, but also a great customer experience throughout the whole SKIDATA world. 

    Data Driven Decisions: Providing facts as a basis for your decisions

    • The connected system generates valuable data that can be used for data driven decisions. Holistic data and full data ownership are the basis to optimize revenues from your services. Gain insights on user behavior with powerful business analytics to increase the impact of attractiveness and usage of possible new services.
    • Where in the past you have perhaps simply sold tickets, you will now have a solid tool for revenue validation, revenue control, revenue protection and future revenue planning.
    • Captured data can also support your decisions for customized maintenance concepts. Operations can be centralized and simplified which streamlines your maintenance and enhances staff skills.
    • With SKIDATA’s hosting services you ensure the secure and reliable operation of your systems. 

    Data security is key for smooth and secure visitor management

    • Partnering with Kudelski Security, SKIDATA delivers cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and services that are tailored to your precise needs and objectives.
    • The highest security standards also mean  the highest reliability and maximum uptime for you. 
      SKIDATA fulfills the highest security standards: You can rely on strong system & data protection and legal / payment compliance. Moreover,
    • SKIDATA is ISO 27001 certified. ISO 27001 is the international standard to manage information security. 

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    What our clients say

    Alejandro von Teuber

    What I most like about SKIDATA is the innovation, the design which is definitely important because it is what our clients see, and then the software because it's just what we operators need. 

    Alejandro von Teuber

    Their solutions provide so much functionality such as letting us trace all of our operations, improving the safety of our operations and providing a pleasant customer experience for our visitors.

    Ben Ziff

    SKIDATA was by far the company who was going to help us to achieve what we wanted to for our business going forward.

    Ben Ziff

    It's probably like buying a Rolls Royce, if I was comparing it with a car. It is definitely one of the best manufacturers out there in the market. And I believe, this is probably because they listen to their clients.

    Ben Ziff

    We spend some time going through different suppliers. We saw about six or seven suppliers. Quite quickly, we narrowed it down to who was the market leader.

    What only SKIDATA can do for you

    podium-trophy podium-trophy
    Enhance customer experience and streamline your business operations with this multi-faceted, one-stop platform.
    options options
    SKIDATA Connect fuels data-driven decisions, optimizes revenue, and supports future planning with insightful user behavior analytics and secure data management.
    security security
    Experience peace of mind with SKIDATA's commitment to data security, ISO 27001 compliance, and maximum uptime, safeguarding your operations and your customers' information.

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