access control

Quick and easy access for a perfect day on the slopes – all from one hand


  • Rapid and convenient access solutions for all seasons and all requirements throughout the area
  • Seamless visitor management by optimal interplay of hardware and thought-out software
  • Data storage for optimization of the operational performance
  • Additional mobile checkpoints or apps installed on staff’s smartphone in case of temporarily high volume of visitors

Choose the perfect access control solutions for your valued guests


Effortless access for every visitor, every season

  • SKIDATA’s ski resort access controls ensure smooth and hassle-free entry for all visitors, seamlessly integrating with the mountain environment in any season.

  • The system is designed to accommodate everyone, including guests with specialized equipment such as bikes, ski bobs, strollers, or wheelchairs, making it a versatile choice for all types of visitors. 

  • With flexible access controls easy mode-switching capabilities, seamless transitions between winter and summer settings are possible, ensuring adaptability and efficiency throughout the year.  

Robust and reliable hardware

  • Quick entry for guests at every lift in your ski area through the wide range of different access gates
  • Flawless operation even during harsh weather conditions due to highest product quality
  • Maximum fraud prevention through photo and size compare
  • Many ticket types, data carriers, and the 100 % digital ski pass for the smartphone – adapted to every season and every requirement

Seamless visitor management through perfect software design

  • A perfect overview of your destination to provide statistics about the performance of the lifts
  • Seamless interplay of all software and hardware components for maximum operational performance
  • Use valuable statistical analyses for optimizing the guest experience in your ski area

You stay in full control

  • Perfect central control and monitoring of all access transactions to ensure your guests’ satisfaction
  • Additional mobile checkpoints in case of temporarily high volume of visitors
  • With the ticket checkpoint app installed on staff’s smartphone, you move your checkpoints to wherever the guests are

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What our clients say

Peter Leatherbee

Today we have up to 6.000 visitors in one peak day in our season and that of course is a huge challenge. It would be basically impossible to do without SKIDATA Solutions.

Anton Bodner

Of course, we know and have known about the great competence that comes from SKIDATA. This has been demonstrated again with this project. We are pleased and proud that we were able to develop this project together in such a way and the joint success proves us right.

Ignacio Valenzuela

With the ticketless system that we have managed to implement with SKIDATA we are seeing that the customer experience is fantastic.

Anton Bodner

We really have an excellent partner in SKIDATA, who also looks to ensure that customer requests are identified and implemented as soon as possible.

Ignacio Valenzuela

Sierra Nevada has made a commitment to be associated with technologically number one companies, as is the case of SKIDATA.

What only SKIDATA can do for you

snow snow

Maintenance-saving hardware that’s designed to perfection to ensure maximum robustness and reliability even for extreme weather conditions

blockchain blockchain

Keep control with a modular, centralized software solution providing intuitive dashboards – all fully optimized for operational efficiency

send-to-phone send-to-phone

Mobile checkpoints and mobile apps on smartphones ensure optimum use of your access control resources anytime, anywhere.

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