digital and on-site payments

    Boost customer satisfaction with a full range of convenient payment options


    • Make things easy for your visitors with on-site payment via the interactive pay machine for cash or cashless payments, including video intercom, and on-demand information
    • Let your visitors benefit from convenient, fast and touch-free online parking ticket payment via smartphone
    • Your visitors simply use the parking facilities and pay later from the comfort of their home

    Mobile, on-site or online later at home: Choose the payment option that meets your and your visitors’ needs


    On-site payments with interactive service

    • Payment machine with large, user-friendly touchscreen (also suitable for advertising purposes), adapted to the needs of disabled persons, enables cash-based or cashless payment of parking fees
    • Support your visitors with bi-directional intercom to provide assistance – also remotely from your central control center
    • With license plate recognition installed in your car park, your can assist your visitors in finding their car again quickly: they just need to type in their license plate number

    Mobile payment – scan, pay, go

    • No cash, no cards, no long queues at the payment machine: Payment can be made conveniently before leaving the car park
    • Every smartphone user can use this service directly and easily to pay online
    • Payment is made just by scanning the QR-code: no app, no registration required

    Check out, pay later

    • For unregistered visitors you can offer the option of fast, easy and secure payment later from home
    • Your visitors can leave the car park immediately, e. g. in case of large numbers of vehicles heading for the exit gate during peak times

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    What our clients say

    Samuel Spaltner

    Operational excellence for parkings includes the full overview over all car parks, their operation and which data can be collected.

    Virginia Bester

    You are giving us an excellent service and we are really happy with SKIDATA.

    Louis Schillace

    SKIDATA absolutely exceeded expectations when it comes to our turnover and service level. The execution was flawless. We are really pleased with the performance of SKIDATA during this project.

    Cédric Blanckaert

    With the SKIDATA architecture, it is possible to manage more than 40 car parks in Belgium with only six people. Thanks to an excellent collaboration between SKIDATA and the NMBS Holding, it became possible to develop a fully centralized architecture.

    Dhiredj Sadhoe

    The support is absolutely important - thus, service organizations have to respond quickly: they pick up and solve all issues. With respect to business operation powerful tools are needed and a powerful Control Center gives a helicopter view over all systems.

    What only SKIDATA can do for you

    Interactive payment machine pos
    Interactive payment machines as a central service tool with split-screen option for advertising and multiple ticketing options, also suitable for picking up pre-ordered tickets
    mobile-payment send-to-phone
    Mobile payment options for every visitor with a smartphone
    advanced-cyber-security advanced-cyber-security
    End-to-end secured payment and advanced cyber security

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