Attract more traffic to your car park with EV-charging stations

Attract more traffic to your car park with EV-charging stations
Electric vehicles will need improved charging infrastructure

Gisela Bechmann2 minutes reading time

Besides public transport, EVs will significantly affect how people leverage on-road mobility to organize their daily lives. Mass adoption of EVs, however, will depend on building a robust EV-charging infrastructure. Much like the petrol stations that dot our cities today, they are set to become a common sight at parking facilities.


More and more people are living in cities, and this trend is going to continue. Some of the most important challenges for cities will be the improvement of urban infrastructures. This includes using smart mobility technologies to optimize services like park-and-ride, and traffic management. The aim is to maintain a high standard of living for inhabitants.


The Impact on Car Park Operators

How does all this affect car park operators of hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, offices, or educational buildings as well as city parking operators and owners? The role of car parks within the transportation network is directly related to their location with respect to urban mobility hot spots. Last-mile parking as well as park-and-ride services will gain in importance as a result. This also applies to the operators of airports and stadiums, whose visitors benefit in the same way from charging their EV stay.


Boosting Property Value and Revenues

All facility proprietors will have the opportunity to grow the value of their properties as well as their revenues. How? By offering smooth, smart, and easy ways to get in and out of car parks, combined with services like EV-charging for residents, guests, or visitors. At the same time, providing digital payment options for paying EV-charging and parking fees in one go will add to the convenience for parkers and thus attract more visitors to car parks that offer this service.


Innovative EV-Charging Solutions for Car Parks

EV-charging solutions for car parks: in a nutshell, they’re a great way to welcome customers to car parks. Especially when offered in combination with easy-to-use digital subscriptions and payment options.

Another essential is ensuring convenient quick-and-easy entry and exit at the car park, along with the ability to pay EV-charging fees and parking fees based on a single identification medium.

With the SKIDATA solution, owners and operators can monitor and control all their car parks remotely and take advantage of comprehensive reporting for future-focused business planning and analysis.




Addressing Challenges and Embracing Opportunities

Before installing an EV-charging station, many questions arise for operators and owners: How to best realize an EV-charging station at the car park? What should parking operators be aware of and how to manage keeping all revenues generated by the EV charging station in their own company? Furthermore, particularly interesting is the question of who the future users will be and what requirements they will place on the infrastructure. 

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