monitoring and control

    Central monitoring & control of all your car parks


    • Provide fast and easy remote visitor support, ensure instant incident response, like reviewing unrecognized license plates at vehicle access points
    • Comprehensively manage and organize your parking facility with ultimate flexibility – the car park monitoring and control solution is also suitable for multi-site facilities and includes staff task management
    • Detailed monitoring and efficient remote operation of all car parks from one central point of control – no need for local on-site management at individual car parks
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    Full-scale management, monitoring, incident handling and task management across all your car parks

    Provide instant visitor support

    • Provide your visitors with a fast and efficient response to take care of issues, like the need to verify an unrecognized license plate
    • React to incidents instantly to increase visitor satisfaction

    Operate all your car parks efficiently

    • Utilize the system’s flexibility to centrally operate all your car parks, always custom-tailored to local requirements and the needs of different visitor groups
    • Manage occupation of all your car parks in real-time to offer your visitors a perfect parking experience
    • Use the system’s openness and adaptability – easily integrate third-party-systems or other verhicle access systems

    Control operational performance remotely

    • Control all your car parks conveniently from one central control system, from wherever you are, even over your smartphone
    • Check for optimal performance and handle upcoming system events, like collecting cash from payment machines early on to prevent downtimes
    • Stay ahead of maintenance requirements and proactively plan service tasks for all your car parks

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    What our clients say

    “Euro Car Parks was pleased to work with SKIDATA Ireland in the replacement of a large system in Whitewater Shopping Centre in Newbridge. They planned the change out with great professionalism and despite the scale of the task, we never lost a Revenue hour and the swap was seamless. The SKIDATA equipment represents the latest technology available on the market so we look forward to doing further installations with them.”

    “We have worked closely with SKIDATA Ireland over the past 4 years and rolled out their parking system at a number of our locations across Ireland. We had in the past had significant problems with parking equipment and having reviewed all the equipment in the market, choose the SKIDATA solution. We are delighted with the equipment and have thoroughly enjoyed working with their professional team. I would recommend SKIDATA equipment to other carpark owners/operators”


    What I most like about SKIDATA is the innovation, the design which is definitely important because it is what our clients see, and then the software because it's just what we operators need. 

    Their solutions provide so much functionality such as letting us trace all of our operations, improving the safety of our operations and providing a pleasant customer experience for our visitors.

    SKIDATA was by far the company who was going to help us to achieve what we wanted to for our business going forward.

    What only SKIDATA can do for you

    lightning lightning
    Ensure the ability to react instantly to incidents or visitor requests to make their parking experience as convenient as possible
    centralize centralize
    Easy operation of all your car parks from a central control center
    check-list check-list
    Control and monitoring techniques for optimal performance and support in planning service tasks proactively

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