The Benefits of Parking Guidance for Parking Operators

The Benefits of Parking Guidance for Parking Operators

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As a parking operator, you know the challenges of managing a parking facility. One of the biggest challenges is ensuring visitors can find a parking space quickly and easily. This is where automated parking guidance systems come in. 

At SKIDATA, we have a parking guidance and digital signage solution to improve your visitors' parking experience from start to finish.

In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of parking guidance and how our solution can help you achieve them.

Easily Direct Visitors to the Best Parking Facility

Our parking guidance solution simplifies finding the ideal parking facility.

With integrated parking apps, we turn a tiresome task into a seamless experience. These apps provide precise directions to one of your parking facilities that best suits the visitor's needs.

This seamless, user-friendly system makes parking a stress-free process and ensures visitors can reach their destinations quickly and efficiently.



Optimize Your Visitors' Parking Experience

Our parking guidance system improves visitors' parking experience.

It offers dynamic and interactive information either at the entrance or inside the parking facility.

Parking space indicators guide your customers to free lots.

Digital signage directs visitors to EV charging stations, parking areas closest to key destinations such as shopping centers, office sectors, or terminals at airports or train stations.

Provide Additional Information and Optimize Your Facility's Occupancy Levels

Our system provides visitors with additional information and helps optimize your facility's occupancy levels.

You decide to show whether car park areas are open or closed based on the expected number of cars, and direct visitors to designated parking spaces for special occasions.

You can even show advertising from cooperating companies. This not only provides an additional revenue stream for your facility but also creates a more personalized experience for your visitors.

For electric vehicle users, display and guide them to open charging stations.

Making the best use of your parking spaces and helping customers find open spots faster creates an excellent parking experience.


Parking space indicators SKIDATA

Help Your Visitors Find Their Car Again Quickly

One of the biggest headaches for visitors is trying to find their car again quickly.

Our integrated LPR technology helps visitors find their car returning to the parking lot.

Visitors can use the payment machine to enter their license plate number. Once entered, a map will be displayed on the machine, showing the location of their car's parking area.

With our parking guidance solution, you can support visitors throughout their journey to and in your car park.


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Parking guidance and digital signage are valuable tools for parking operators. They improve visitors' parking experiences and create a more personalized service for your customers.

SKIDATA's parking guidance and digital signage solution helps direct visitors to your parking, gives more info, and improves occupancy levels.

Our integrated License Plate Recognition system aids visitors in promptly finding their car. Moreover, it assists in their journey, right from reaching the parking area to navigating within it.

With our parking guidance solution, you'll create a better parking experience for your visitors and increase revenue for your facility.

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