online reservations and subscriptions

    Create a great visitor experience: easy online reservation, fast and seamless parking, and hassle-free automatic payment


    • Offer a convenient online booking system for your visitors to reserve a parking space
    • Promote monthly parking subscriptions to let your customers sign up for pay-per-use
    • Set up your own web shop: hold on to the data and revenues
    • Make subscriptions available for on-street and off-street parking
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    Boost convenience for your visitors with reservations and subscriptions

    Fast and easy reservations – with the online booking system

    • Provide convenient pre-paid booking of preferred parking services
    • Offer special discounts for early bookers
    • Promote off-peak parking hours
    • Offer your guests hassle-free payment
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    Park as you wish, pay automatically – with a subscription

    • Offer visitors to sign up for an online pay-per-use parking contract
    • Visitors check in and out without taking a ticket
    • Set special discounts for contract parkers
    • Visitors’ parking is billed automatically based on usage
    • Monthly contracts support your business planning and steering

    One web shop for both on-street and off-street parking

    • Subscribers can choose from the full range of parking services – on-street as well as off
    • Hold on to the revenues to add to your bottom line – no need to share with a third-party web shop provider
    • Use visitor data for your future planning
    • Take advantage of consistent corporate branding and identity

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    What our clients say

    SKIDATA Ireland and George Best Belfast City Airport have developed a long-standing and successful partnership. The team are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated to our success which allows us to offer a seamless experience for our customers. I would have no hesitations in recommending the SKIDATA Ireland team and products.

    Your team has met all of our expectations on their ability to provide us with a professional and efficient service whilst also providing an excellent quality of work. 
    The professionalism that is clearly identified on the frontline is also evident with the management and administration teams in head office. Your attention to detail in regards to planning, health and safety, and reaction to any issues has to be complimented. 

    At Schiphol we invest a lot to provide mobility solutions. There is really a transition in mobility going on with more electric cars and electric buses. But yield management is also important to optimize revenue. We have to be prepared to integrate tomorrow's mobility into our systems.

    We are creating a fantastic customer experience.  With the SKIDATA system it's easy to make sure that everybody has a perfect journey.

    The reason why we chose SKIDATA and we are happy with SKIDATA is the quality and the reliability of the system. Our downtime is very low. The support has been amazing. They get out as soon as we need anything and they are taking care of. That's one of our biggest reasons to pick SKIDATA.

    What only SKIDATA can do for you

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    Create a new parking experience for your visitors: Offer pay-per-use, pre-booking, special discounts for early bookers, or promote off-peak hours

    money-bag money-bag

    Keep all the revenues – no need to share money with third-party providers

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    Use visitor data for perfect occupancy planning

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