George Best Belfast City Airport

George Best Belfast City Airport 

Having been named as the UK and Ireland’s Most Convenient Airport, George Best Belfast City Airport is only a five minute drive from Belfast city centre offering both domestic and European destinations. With the Airport Vision “To deliver an airport experience that exceeds our customers’ expectations”, the SKIDATA parking management system, which forms a very important part of the customer journey, must deliver on convenience and reliability. Since 2001, we have worked together with GBBCA to understand their business and to advise on future technical developments within the parking industry.

Project Overview 

Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras integrated on all lanes

Cloud Integration with reservation platform Aeroparker

Taxi and Coach controlled solution

A mix of short-term, long-term, Premier parking, Drop Off Pick Up (PUDO) as well as catering for taxis, coaches, service vehicles and staff parking zones all require a wide variety of technologies and knowledge capability that has helped GBBC to serve customers since 2001.

George Best Belfast City Airport
George Best Belfast City Airport

Multiple Identifiers such as QR Code and license plate camera reading provide pre-booking customers with fast access and reassurance.

For those who have not reserved their parking space there is a choice of on-site pay stations inside and outside of the terminal building offering cash and cashless options.

Integration between SKIDATA and online reservation platform Aeroparker, which was successfully achieved in 2022, offering multi-identifier options for customers and ensures that any software developments between both systems can be done safely through common interfacing protocols. 

As the airport parking services evolve we look forward to further discussions on how best the SKIDATA Ireland team can help offer more customer convenience and operator control and reporting.
George Best Belfast City Airport

SKIDATA Ireland and George Best Belfast City Airport have developed a long-standing and successful partnership. The team are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated to our success which allows us to offer a seamless experience for our customers. I would have no hesitations in recommending the SKIDATA Ireland team and products.

Mark Eaglesham, Ground Transportation Commercial Manager

Facts & Figures

Project Name George Best Belfast City Airport
City Belfast
Installation Date Original Installation 2001
Capacity / Parking slots / Size 3 Car Parks
Requirement To bring best in practice experience to new airport plans and ensure parking management system could be scalable and easily integrated to 3rd party platforms
Solution implemented All car parks equipped with the latest Power.Gate and Barrier.Gate controls with a mix of cash and cashless pay stations Latest Parking.logic software with interfacing tools that enable Aeroparker reservation integration
Realization / Special Features Integration to Aeroparker reservation platform Integration to staff ID card system Taxi and coach access management IP intercom throughout all customer and staff interface locations Cashless payment options at pay stations and lanes

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