sales at POS partners

Offer add-on services for your guests at individual distribution points


  • Guests purchase their ski pass along with services directly at points of sale, like hotels, gas stations or ski rentals
  • Professional POS management software for ski resorts supports easy partner integration
  • Guests conveniently pick up their ski pass either with self-service at kiosks or at the resort’s point of sale
  • You sell ski passes and added services conveniently through your web shop and benefit from earlier revenue

Drive revenue by selling extra services at partnering businesses throughout your destination

Professional and intuitive operation

  • Ease-of-use and convenient POS software ensures a low learning curve for staff at points of sale
  • A consolidated offer of all services available enables upselling for increased revenue
  • The kiosk offers easy, intuitive guest interaction and saves on staff at the ticketing window

Easy purchase of paper tickets, keycards or eTickets

  • Guests buy a ski pass in advance, either as a paper ticket, a keycard, or an eTicket as a 100% digital smartphone ticket
  • Paper or keycard RFID data carriers may also be picked up at the kiosk and can be used for all services on offer
  • For summer business or single rides, eTickets with barcodes can be easily used by your guests, either on the smartphone or as a print-out

Turn your hotel reception into a one-stop service shop

  • Offer additional services like lockers or ski rental at various points of sale for upselling
  • Integrate activity sales into your service offerings to increase the destination's attractiveness
  • Your guests benefit from the easy one-stop shop at the partnering business

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What our clients say

Today we have up to 6.000 visitors in one peak day in our season and that of course is a huge challenge. It would be basically impossible to do without SKIDATA Solutions.

Of course, we know and have known about the great competence that comes from SKIDATA. This has been demonstrated again with this project. We are pleased and proud that we were able to develop this project together in such a way and the joint success proves us right.

We really have an excellent partner in SKIDATA, who also looks to ensure that customer requests are identified and implemented as soon as possible.

With the ticketless system that we have managed to implement with SKIDATA we are seeing that the customer experience is fantastic.

I would like to point out that for Sierra Nevada it is very important to feel that technologically it is among the most advanced resorts in the world.

What only SKIDATA can do for you

positive-judgement positive-judgement
Ease-of-use and convenient operation of the POS solution for staff
device-connection device-connection
A convenient one-stop shopping experience for guests: ski passes and additional services can be purchased directly at the partnering business
signal signal
Support of a 100% digital ski pass for smartphones ensures high-level guest convenience and helps you save on staff at the ticketing window

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