car access solutions

    Flexible, fast and secure SKIDATA’s access solution for car parks in every environment


    • Make your car park future-ready with license plate recognition: fast and easy access via the visitor’s smartphone instead of classic tickets, or in addition to tickets to uplift security levels
    • Flexible access operation modes: easy access for many different visitor groups with different identifiers
    • Fully scalable and flexible, keep using your existing system: simply add the new digital access features

    SKIDATA’s access control solution based on reliable hardware and future-oriented digital solutions


    Add convenience and safety with LPR

    • Develop your standard ticket-based system into a fast & convenient LPR-based system, also a combination of LPR and tickets possible
    • Ticketless operation is extremely convenient for visitors using their smartphone for access and payment: no need to stop to pull a ticket, no lost tickets
    • Or go completely Barrierless and easy Pay-Per-Use for subscribers and Pay-Later for unregistered parkers
    • Very secure and reliable for operators: no ticket fraud, less or no ticket costs, low operational effort

    Offer your visitors the access that meets their needs

    • Depending on types of customers and their needs, combine license plate-based access with classic tickets, or RFID-cards for employees, tenants, or other contract parkers
    • Manage access to buildings or restricted areas the same way: Dedicate access rights based on employee cards, mobile phone, or license plate number
    • Applicable also for operators managing several car parks or for mountain destinations

    Make the most out of your parking system

    • Update your existing SKIDATA system with future-oriented access solutions to provide an even more convenient visitor experience
    • Make your car park future-ready for next steps in car-to-infrastructure communication
    • Keep your existing system to connect to mobility services, and to add digital building access features
    • A future-ready digital access system paired with robust and reliable hardware

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    What our clients say

    Mark Eaglesham

    SKIDATA Ireland and George Best Belfast City Airport have developed a long-standing and successful partnership. The team are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated to our success which allows us to offer a seamless experience for our customers. I would have no hesitations in recommending the SKIDATA Ireland team and products.

    Eamon O'Donovan

    Your team has met all of our expectations on their ability to provide us with a professional and efficient service whilst also providing an excellent quality of work. 
    The professionalism that is clearly identified on the frontline is also evident with the management and administration teams in head office. Your attention to detail in regards to planning, health and safety, and reaction to any issues has to be complimented. 

    Ben Ziff

    SKIDATA was by far the company who was going to help us to achieve what we wanted to for our business going forward.

    Virginia Bester

    You are giving us an excellent service and we are really happy with SKIDATA.

    Louis Schillace

    SKIDATA absolutely exceeded expectations when it comes to our turnover and service level. The execution was flawless. We are really pleased with the performance of SKIDATA during this project.

    What only SKIDATA can do for you

    real-estate real-estate-1
    Our access control solutions meet the needs of many different visitor groups: if short-term or long-term parking, with the SKIDATA system, you offer the suitable solution for your parkers using ticketless parking or ticket-based options.
    cctv cctv
    Add even more convenience with license plate registration (LPR) to ensure an efficient, flexible, and secure access control system.
    cloud-data-sync cloud-data-sync
    Develop your car park with a future-oriented parking system: Update your existing SKIDATA system with comprehensive digital solutions and other services, like combined building access.

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