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    In the near future, autonomous vehicles will be a common sight on our streets, and vehicle-to- infrastructure (V2I) technology will be a key to their safe and effective operation. V2I technologies will reduce the carbon footprint in improving mobility and safety by allowing vehicles to communicate directly with traffic infrastructure.
    For example, advanced road markings and turning signals will be visible to both humans and machines under all road conditions. As a result, autonomous vehicles will know how to anticipate traffic signals because they will be alerted in advance by them in advance.

    Vehicle to X – designed for autonomy, already now

    This means that connected cars are more and more turning into “computers on wheels”. They are already now connected in ways we never could have envisioned some years ago. They communicate with satellites that tell us how to get to our destinations, and how to get there most quickly; some are connected to insurance providers who monitor safe driving based on navigation systems which become more and more sophisticated.
    Connected cars get automatic software updates, schedule service appointments and search for the best charging or petrol stations. Newer cars tell us where parking is available at that moment, and with the credit card data saved in a “car wallet”, payment is made automatically.
    We are living in an exciting age of vehicle connectivity and SKIDATA is ready for it.

    What does that mean for parking facilities?

    When you are serving autonomous vehicles, your parking management system, including parking guidance, reservations, and payments systems will also have to be able to communicate with connected cars.
    For example, wouldn’t it be great for your visitors to go to a cinema, a restaurant, or a shopping mall, while their car drives to the nearest car park, and picks them up afterwards?


    Join the journey

    V2I is right around the corner. It’s an exciting prospect, and for car park owners and operators it may be new territory with endless opportunities.
    SKIDATA has been preparing for the autonomous future, and we are on the way with our partners to implement a V2I plan that will meet your unique needs.
    V2I is the next step in parking management, and SKIDATA is prepared for the journey. Are you?

    Let's discuss how we can work together!

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    What our clients say

    Samuel Spaltner

    Operational excellence for parkings includes the full overview over all car parks, their operation and which data can be collected.

    Cédric Blanckaert

    With the SKIDATA architecture, it is possible to manage more than 40 car parks in Belgium with only six people. Thanks to an excellent collaboration between SKIDATA and the NMBS Holding, it became possible to develop a fully centralized architecture.

    Ben Ziff

    SKIDATA was by far the company who was going to help us to achieve what we wanted to for our business going forward.

    Virginia Bester

    You are giving us an excellent service and we are really happy with SKIDATA.

    Louis Schillace

    SKIDATA absolutely exceeded expectations when it comes to our turnover and service level. The execution was flawless. We are really pleased with the performance of SKIDATA during this project.

    What only SKIDATA can do for you

    b-add b-add

    If you are already a SKIDATA customer, your parking management system is already serving as the control center of your parking operations and future adding of V2I will be simple and convenient.

    b-meeting b-meeting

    If you are not yet a SKIDATA customer, there has never been a better time to become one. Let us help you prepare for the autonomous vehicle future, while meeting your current parking technology needs.

    car-connect car-connect

    The vehicle to infrastructure age is fast approaching. Are you ready for it?

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