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Parking is a vital part of our daily life. At airports, the perfect journey begins with parking. In cities, car parks will be a mobility hub for last-mile parking or park-and-ride. Guests at hotels feel welcomed already on their arrival. Hospitals or educational buildings benefit from easy management for staff, visitors and students. At shopping centers, the convenient parking experience provides for a perfect first and last impression. At office buildings, companies benefit from easy-to-handle self-management for their parkers, guests and visitors. Operators manage all their car parks more flexibly and conveniently by centralizing monitoring & control.

Obviously, your visitors will choose the car park that best suits their particular needs: whether for long-term parking, commuting, park-and-ride, connection to public transport, short-term parkers, business partners – with SKIDATA, your visitors get the solution that fits their needs.

SKIDATA offers the perfectly coordinated interplay of their unique software, their web-based services and their robust hardware. This perfectly tuned system lets operators leverage the vast potential of digitalization for new business models. As a trusted, forward-looking provider with a long tradition we provide all the tools you need along the way. Working hand in hand with best-of-breed partners, we provide comprehensive and innovative mobility solutions. Consultation, implementation, and service are always precision-tailored to you and your customer’s needs and geared towards maximum convenience, cost-effectiveness, and profitability.

Our focus is on integrating parking into the new sustainable mobility world. That’s why many mobility components are already integrated into the comprehensive SKIDATA parking management system. To offer your visitors a convenient parking experience, we connect parking with other mobility solutions and provide you with specific solutions for parking facilities in every environment, with the possibility to integrate systems already existing in your car park.

SKIDATA is at the forefront of innovation, serving you with a wide range of solutions to let you profit from the digital future of new sustainable mobility. SKIDATA is the right partner for you as we support you every step along your way: We offer the right solutions, comprehensive data security and perfect service, just when you need it. Take advantage of our team of service experts, our customized maintenance concepts, and our hosting services to ensure the secure and reliable operation of your systems.

Efficient in operations

Access Control & License Plate Recognition
Monitoring and Control
Reporting and Analytics
Parking Guidance & Digital Signage

Successful in selling

Online Reservations & Subscriptions
B2B Parker Management
Digital & Onsite Payment

Smart mobility

Urban & mixed mobility
Connected Cars
Smart Cities
Parking Solution Subscription

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Convenience for your visitors begins at home

We all know, perfect parking management does not begin at the car park’s entry gate, but with service for your customers at home. Even if the visitors are already on their way to their destination, planning, navigation, and online reservation of the parking slot can be easily made via their smartphone on the go. The ability to pre-book long-term parking permits or further services that can be used at the car park, such as EV-charging, offers even more convenience to visitors at the car park.

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Smooth entry – smooth parking

Secure, intelligent access systems come equipped with future-oriented features, like license plate recognition and can even be operated ‘freeflow style’ without any barrier at all. This way, they ensure maximum convenience for your guests. Show them the best parking space and guide them through the car park on-line before they even arrive. Perfect monitoring and control of ongoing operations let you ensure optimal occupancy. This ensures smooth and easy central control, even across multiple sites. As a result, your visitors enjoy a perfect parking experience while you save on staff resources.

Convenient payment for a perfect experience

Paying for parking and other services couldn’t be easier for your visitors, using either their one-for-all ticket or their license plate number as an identifier. And with all common payment methods supported at your parking facility, they can pay directly at the payment machine or via their smartphone without the need to install an additional app. Registered users or long-term parkers have the additional choice of paying later from the comfort of their home. With validations from surrounding businesses credited to the parking fee, you’ll ensure a lasting positive impression.

Easy management of all your car parks

Perfectly manage each individual car park and building sector remotely from one central point of control. From monitoring and control of parking devices, incident handling and task management, license plate review to perfect online customer support and staff task management, you benefit from full-scale management. No need for local on-site handling at individual car parks.

With the SKIDATA system, you benefit from reduced administrative efforts due to self-service for business parkers. Contract parker management becomes much easier with the option of outsourcing standard tasks like contract management to business customers and their parking users or visitors.

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Business planning made easy 

Data-based statistics and evaluations of booking and payment behavior provide you with a valuable overview of all the services being used at your facility. A powerful source for your financial reporting and analysis, it ensures efficient business development planning and marketing as the basis for maximizing your bottom line.

Sustainability is in our DNA

SKIDATA stands for responsible and sustainable action. We use environmentally friendly and resource-saving materials whenever possible. For example, our tickets have been made from recyclable materials for over 20 years now. And with our focus on digital solutions, we are setting standards in support of sustainable mobility. It reduces the need for hardware, for spare parts, but also for electricity and paper tickets. Offering EV-charging in your parking facility supports the strong trend to more EVs in the streets and will attract more parkers to your car park.

We have been changing the world of welcoming people for more than 45 years, based on the principle that the true driver of innovation is guests’ behavior. Offer your visitors a convenient stay to let them feel welcome – it’s a great way to turn anonymous customers into recurring and loyal visitors! SKIDATA is where you are: with 27 subsidiaries and distributors in 100 countries, we support you with quick and reliable service. Consulting, implementation, and service: all from a reliable single-source provider with long and proven experience in the parking business.

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