Revenues 24/7: One-stop-shop anytime, anywhere with e-commerce

Revenues 24/7: One-stop-shop anytime, anywhere with e-commerce

Gisela Bechmann2 minutes reading time

Booking a flight and checking in at the gate with your smartphone – that’s possible already. But using the same smartphone as a combined personal information hub and ski pass at a ski resort – that’s supposed to be impossible? Today’s guests won’t buy that. They’re used to doing their shopping and paying over their smartphone, and they expect to use the purchased apps and services that way as well. Why should it be any different when it comes to spending a day in the mountains?


Close to your guest’s ear

Today almost everybody has their smartphone with them wherever they go. You can use the trend towards online shopping to your advantage: by providing them with the latest news, drawing their attention to tailored offers by your business partners, inviting them to take advantage of additional services – and boosting your revenue along the way. Your guests can use their phone to find, book and pay for all they need – from ski passes to parking at your destination. As a result, you benefit from earlier revenue recognition and – with the use of dynamic pricing – additionally from higher occupancy rates at your resort.

To access the lifts your guests can use their smartphone ski pass, the 100 % digital alternative to the ‘classic’ paper or plastic version. Just combine e-commerce with the smartphone ski pass for twice the convenience for your guests. They will be happy, enjoy their holidays with all their preferred services – and share their memorable experience at your resort over their social networks.


Take “green” action!

For you, the digitalization of your mountain destination means you’ll need fewer RFID cards during the season and won’t have to order more parking ticket stock. In short, this means great savings on your logistics as well as on staff resources at the ticket window. Digitalized communication and access also support increasingly important sustainability measures: by reducing the use of plastic cards you can show initiative by taking “green” action.


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Stay in touch – leverage the data

Communicating with your guests over the smartphone has another significant advantage: you can use the collected data for your business planning. Analyses, statistics and ticket history put a perfect toolset at your fingertips: based on the data you can provide your guests with useful offers and stay in touch with them during the off-season.


All-in-one: SKIDATA is your reliable single-source provider

We provide a network of partners from all relevant sectors under the roof of the SKIDATA solution: as your one-stop provider we take care of all the technical requirements in order to let you contact your guests, learn to know their preferences, and stay in touch with them all year round – easily and fully digitalized. With the SKIDATA e-commerce for mountain destinations, you benefit from earlier revenue recognition and from upselling further services like parking management. All with the benefit of dynamic pricing to ensure optimum utilization of your facilities.

Learn more about how to digitalize your mountain destination: eCommerce Solution

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