SKIDATA: Leading the Charge in Sustainable Access Solutions

From Barrierless Access to Tickets: Our Journey to a Sustainable Tomorrow

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In an era where sustainability is paramount, businesses constantly seek innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Access and parking management is no exception, and we at SKIDATA are at the forefront of this transformation.

From barrierless access to sustainable ticket options, our focus is not just on being environmentally responsible but also on enhancing the user experience and operational efficiency.


Barrierless Access

Think of a world where vehicles smoothly enter parking spaces without the need for a ticket. Our digital solutions have made this vision a reality.

By eliminating barriers, we've not only reduced hardware and consequently production emissions but also significantly improved the visitor experience. 



The rise of electric vehicles demands adaptability. Our integrated EV-charging solution, powered by SKIDATA Connect, empowers our customers to prioritize sustainability.

We champion eco-friendly practices by providing a unified, entirely paperless payment system for both parking and charging. 




Digital Innovations

The digital revolution is here, and we're leading the charge.

Our commitment to reducing waste shines through in our ticketless parking solutions and digital ski passes.

Our NFC respectively BLE eTicketing solutions use globally accepted standards and are compatible with ready-to-use wallets featuring Apple Pay or Google Pay, ensuring a seamless and secure access experience for all visitors.


Sustainable Hardware Innovations

Beyond our digital solutions, our dedication to sustainability is deeply embedded in our hardware designs.

Our products, designed to last over 15+ years, are a testament to our commitment to durability and repairability.


Efficient Maintenance Solutions

Maintenance is a crucial aspect of our operations, and we've designed our strategy to be as sustainable as possible.

Our focus on hardware design enables easy repairs, and we provide an extensive spare parts catalog.

This approach ensures that our technicians are always equipped with the necessary materials, reducing the need for multiple trips and thus minimizing car traffic.

Furthermore, our commitment to supporting the long product lifecycle of our hardware is evident as we ensure spare parts are available for up to seven years.

The future is sustainable, and we at SKIDATA are paving the way. If you're a manager of a Parking Garage, Mountain Destination, or Stadium, it's time to explore these innovations and be part of the sustainability revolution with us.

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