Control & Monitoring

Efficiency increase through targeted optimization of operational processes

SKIDATA Control & Monitoring offers you:

  • Current, mobile information about utilization, visitor flows and ticket details
  • Perfect planning of events and highest system availability
  • Trouble-free operation of your system through optimal maintenance schedules and maximum availability of local service teams
  • Field-experienced SKIDATA professionals with industry know-how guarantee knowledge transfer through professional customer training

Perfect planning, control and monitoring

Raise your efficiency and reduce costs significantly with the SKIDATA solution. Make sure that you and your employees can dedicate your precious time to your customers. 

With the help of various configuration tools, the access system can be customized to your specific needs, quickly and easily. In addition, there are a variety of services to assist in optimizing your processes: using the mobile web application 'Ticket Tracking' you have insight into all of the details concerning guest’s tickets and can use this for more safety and improved service. The reader display can be used for your own information, or to provide your guests with extra and useful information and additional offers. The 'Pre-Event Check' diagnostic program lets you simulate visitor scenarios in order to plan the perfect event, and the 'Offline Extension' ensures the full availability of your system - even during network failures.

SKIDATA planning, control and monitoring

  • services to optimize your processes
  • insight into all ticket details
  • diagnostic program for simulating visitor scenarios
  • full availability, even during network outages

Best service

Optimal maintenance plans and professional customer training are also available to ensure trouble-free operation of your system. Field-experienced SKIDATA professionals with industry know-how guarantee knowledge transfer, so that you can get the most out of your solution. And if you ever need assistance, SKIDATA service teams are always there for you - worldwide and directly at your site.

SKIDATA service

  • maintenance plans and professional customer trainings
  • knowledge transfer through experienced SKIDATA experts
  • SKIDATA service teams - worldwide and with you on site

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