Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena

Safely admit fans and visitors with ticket self-checking
It’s double the safety precautions at Munich’s Allianz Arena: digital ticket checking plus Digital Covid Certificate (Green Pass) inspection right at the turnstile gate. The solution provides combined touchless SKIDATA access control without the need for extra staff or an additional app. This way, the stadium can operate at full capacity again.

Project Overview 

Managing a large number of visitors in a short time – more than 3m people per year
An access solution that supports modern technologies to be future ready
The solution reliably visualizes relevant business data at any time via mobile SKIDATA Monitoring & Control
For stadium operators it’s a giant leap forward when it comes to ensuring safety at public events: fans at Bayern München’s Allianz Arena in Munich are the first ones worldwide to self-check their admission ticket along with their Green Pass right at the turnstile. SKIDATA is the only provider worldwide to offer this service, which is made possible with an extension that adds automated Green Pass scanning to previously installed touchless access solutions.
Allianz Arena
Allianz Arena
With the self-check solution, SKIDATA has enabled operators of stadia, attraction parks, museums and other event venues to safely admit fans and visitors without the need for extra staff or an additional app. The Green Pass solution integrates seamlessly with the SKIDATA access system. This ensures the safety of visitors and venue, with strictly GDPR compliant ticket and data processing helping to prevent ticket fraud.
As a result, fans are once again free to applaud the goals, discuss the umpire’s decisions and cheer on their favorite team in the company of friends. In short, they are finally able to enjoy a proper game of soccer again! And they can do so with the reassurance that everyone is vaccinated, recovered or tested. A quick double-check and they’re off to the kick-off!
Allianz Arena

As for our access system, it was important to us that it would support all modern technologies. Predictable developments have to be implemented based on these technologies of the future. This is the technology we wanted and, thanks to SKIDATA, we have now installed.

Jürgen Muth, Managing Director Allianz Arena Munich

Facts & Figures

Project Name Stadium Solution at Allianz Arena in 2005, supplemented with Green pass solution in 2021, and regular updates for keeping the access solution at a state-of-the-art and future-oriented status
City Munich, Germany
Installation Date Stadium Solution in 2005 with 120 gates, supplement Self-check Green Pass in 2021, permanent updates
Capacity / Seats More than 75,000
Requirement World-class and future-ready event solution system for even better convenience and security
Solution implemented Access system with NFC-access for different media, Apple Pay payment integration, pre-entry check and accreditation solution within the stadium, monitoring & control, reporting and statistic tools in real time, Green Pass scanning
Realization / Special Features Instant double-check at the turnstile of Green Pass validity

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