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Welcome your guests with intuitive access

Get the most comprehensive and efficient access solution from a single source

Achieve shorter, manageable queues with the highest operation performance for visitor access to venues, stadia, and arenas


  • SKIDATA delivers the perfect combination of hardware and software, integrating the latest ticketing technologies to create the best possible customer experience
  • With flexible check-in options, create your ideal visitor management: variable ticketing solutions from data carriers to paper or mobile tickets
  • Integrate NFC and biometrics into your access system

Impress your guests already at the door step


Designed for the Future

  • Unleash the power of NFC ticketing and benefit from the ease of use, the speed and the increased security in every interaction, whether it is access or an NFC payment 
  • For the perfect visitor experience, no additional apps or downloads are required to receive the ticket onto their devices 
  • Enjoy the flexibility of SKIDATA´s access system for arenas to adapt to the needs of different events, from up-to-the-minute to daily scheduling 

Designed for Security and Stability 

  • Reputable, durable access control for stadiums, arenas or other venues can include mobile turnstiles, high-security turnstiles, door openers for VIP areas or additionally code protected locks for staff only zones
  • Designed for efficiency and usability. The system concept enables operators to select best of breed and best for need
  • The system can read over 100 types of ticket media

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What our clients say

Sebastian Saxer

SKIDATA and Olympiaworld Innsbruck are linked by a long and successful collaboration over many years. The skilled and experienced employees try to implement every input immediately and continuously develop the system.

Brian Caldwell

The new ticketing system which was done by SKIDATA is a lot more user-friendly and is much easier to use so hopefully, people like it when they come to use it.

Eugenio Porcu

SKIDATA is not only the present for us, but also the future.

Jürgen Muth

As for our access system, it was important to us that it would support all modern technologies. Predictable developments have to be implemented based on these technologies in the future. This is the technology we wanted and, thanks to SKIDATA, we have now installed.

Paul Bell

SKIDATA are the official access control partner here at Elland Road and we consider them to offer the best-in-class hardware, e-ticket service and support.

What only SKIDATA can do for you

app-services app-services

Customized, integrated visitor management with variable ticketing solutions

security security

Secure, stable, durable hardware, architecture and concept

stadium stadium

Experience and knowledge from decades of working in the events industry

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