car access solutions

    Flexible, fast and secure SKIDATA’s access solution for car parks in every environment


    • Make your car park future-ready with license plate recognition: fast and easy access via the visitor’s smartphone instead of classic tickets, or in addition to tickets to uplift security levels
    • Flexible access operation modes: easy access for many different visitor groups with different identifiers
    • Fully scalable and flexible, keep using your existing system: simply add the new digital access features
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    SKIDATA’s access control solution based on reliable hardware and future-oriented digital solutions


    Add convenience and safety with LPR

    • Develop your standard ticket-based system into a fast & convenient LPR-based system, also a combination of LPR and tickets possible
    • Ticketless operation is extremely convenient for visitors using their smartphone for access and payment: no need to stop to pull a ticket, no lost tickets
    • Or go completely “Barrierless” without barriers and easy Pay-Per-Use for subscribers and Pay-Later for unregistered parkers
    • Very secure and reliable for operators: no ticket fraud, less or no ticket costs, low operational effort

    Offer your visitors the access that meets their needs

    • Depending on types of customers and their needs, combine license plate-based access with classic tickets, or RFID-cards for employees, tenants, or other contract parkers
    • Manage access to buildings or restricted areas the same way: Dedicate access rights based on employee cards, mobile phone, or license plate number
    • Applicable also for operators managing several car parks or for mountain destinations
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    Make the most out of your parking system

    • Update your existing SKIDATA system with future-oriented access solutions to provide an even more convenient visitor experience
    • Make your car park future-ready for next steps in car-to-infrastructure communication
    • Keep your existing system to connect to mobility services, and to add digital building access features
    • A future-ready digital access system paired with robust and reliable hardware

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    What our clients say

    Samuel Spaltner

    A excelência operacional em estacionamentos é a visão geral e completa de todos os estacionamentos, o seu funcionamento e quais os dados que podem ser recolhidos.

    Cédric Blanckaert

    Com a arquitectura da SKIDATA, é possível gerir mais de 40 parques de estacionamento na Bélgica com apenas seis pessoas. Graças a uma excelente colaboração entre a SKIDATA e a Holding NMBS, tornou-se possível desenvolver uma arquitectura totalmente centralizada.

    Ben Ziff

    A SKIDATA era de longe a empresa que nos ia ajudar a alcançar o que queríamos para o nosso negócio avançar.

    Virginia Bester

    Está a prestar-nos um excelente serviço e estamos realmente satisfeitos com a SKIDATA.

    Louis Schillace

    A SKIDATA excedeu as expectativas no que diz respeito ao nosso volume de negócios e nível de serviço. A execução foi impecável. Estamos realmente satisfeitos com o desempenho da SKIDATA neste projecto.

    What only SKIDATA can do for you

    real-estate real-estate-1
    Our access control solutions meet the needs of many different visitor groups: if short-term or long-term parking, with the SKIDATA system, you offer the suitable solution for your parkers using ticketless parking or ticket-based options.
    cctv cctv
    Add even more convenience with license plate registration (LPR) to ensure an efficient, flexible, and secure access control system.
    cloud-data-sync cloud-data-sync
    Develop your car park with a future-oriented parking system: Update your existing SKIDATA system with comprehensive digital solutions and other services, like combined building access.

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