smart cities

    Interconnectivity throughout a smart city


    In a real ‘smart city’, all necessary services that improve a city's economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, and quality of life, are interconnected, and simplify efficient supervision by the authorities. Data gained is used to manage assets, resources, and services efficiently; in return, that data can be used to improve operations across the city. This includes data collected from citizens, devices, buildings, and assets that is processed and analyzed to monitor and manage traffic and transportation systems, power plants, utilities, water supply networks, waste, and other city services.

    Smart mobility and parking management is part of the whole concept. It will help interconnect different touch points throughout the city like airports, stadiums, public car parks or hotels, and provide a broad range of smartphone-based solutions. SKIDATA offers inhabitants, visitors, and operators the complete service and connection package for mobility and parking. All these can be easily integrated into the overarching smart city concept.
    In this vision of the future, the parking garage is a mobility hub where cities can greet their citizens and visitors alike at a central location, offering a friendly welcome alongside a range of services that are just as convenient as they are sustainable and innovative.

    Digital technology in parking helps to develop an urban area into a ‘Smart City’

    What if we were able to develop an urban environment that is focused on the inhabitants, the visitors, and all their needs? Mobility and parking forms an integral part of a city’s experience, as less time to find the best parking slot close to your destination, reduced traffic, connected public transport, and easy payment of parking (automatically or by mobile phone) foster convenience of all people, whether inhabitants or visitors.

    We at SKIDATA are on our way to find new answers to questions for seamlessly interconnected parking and mobility services of urban developers, transportation planners, parking facility operators and city-dwellers alike.

    Perfect parking management is a driving force behind a livable city

    To boost sustainability in the field of urban mobility, smart parking management is one part of the solution as garages are a keystone to innovative mobility solutions in a way that is sustainable and cost-effective.
    As cities reduce their public parking areas and manage the remaining spaces with a fair-pricing system, parking garages no longer compete with free on-street parking. This is how cities are optimizing their traffic flow while reducing the climactic footprint that comes with searching endlessly for parking. Smart parking management saves both time and unnecessary travel.


    SKIDATA turns parking garages into mobility hubs

    Mobility and Parking is a vital part of the city experience. Mobility hubs are more than a place to change transportation services: They’re a place to meet people, with a high quality of stay and a wide range of additional services on offer. Economically and socially viable concepts are still in early stages of an intensive examination by planners with a special assessment of economic operation, sustainable built environments, and data integration. SKIDATA offers a broad range of solutions based on the interconnection of different touch points of the visitors’ journey.


    Valuable data for future-oriented insights

    Users of parking and mobility services will generate a lot of helpful data that – combined with other data inputs from traffic, infrastructure, or city services – will add to a comprehensive picture of a smart city.
    The big picture will not only form the basis for fast actions in case of any incidents. It will also be the fundament for predictive scenarios and proactive city planning and development.


    A vision of the future: Self-driving and self-parking vehicles

    Smart cities will continue to develop: in future, they will become ‘cognitive cities’, steadily learning through constant interaction with their citizens through advanced information and communication technologies. Thus, they continuously become more efficient, more sustainable, and more resilient.

    Data management and the global 5G network rollout will determine the extent to which parking garages can be a part of the cognitive city, offering mobility hubs for self-driving vehicles in the future. At the 2021 IAA Mobility in Munich, the Automated Valet Parking (AVP) project demonstrated how driverless parking can function: Controlled by sensors, the automated vehicle first finds its parking space. Then, it can initiate other automated services relevant to the vehicle, including washing and charging the vehicle while it is in the parking garage. When the driver returns, the car will be placed at their disposal on demand, easily ordered via the smartphone and automatically paid via the ‘car wallet’.

    The aim is to make cities livable for inhabitants, to create attractive destinations for visitors and to boost sustainability. Long story short: the aim is to make cities a great place to be, and SKIDATA is ready to contribute to this vision.

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    What our clients say

    Samuel Spaltner

    A excelência operacional em estacionamentos é a visão geral e completa de todos os estacionamentos, o seu funcionamento e quais os dados que podem ser recolhidos.

    Cédric Blanckaert

    Com a arquitectura da SKIDATA, é possível gerir mais de 40 parques de estacionamento na Bélgica com apenas seis pessoas. Graças a uma excelente colaboração entre a SKIDATA e a Holding NMBS, tornou-se possível desenvolver uma arquitectura totalmente centralizada.

    Ben Ziff

    A SKIDATA era de longe a empresa que nos ia ajudar a alcançar o que queríamos para o nosso negócio avançar.

    Virginia Bester

    Está a prestar-nos um excelente serviço e estamos realmente satisfeitos com a SKIDATA.

    Louis Schillace

    A SKIDATA excedeu as expectativas no que diz respeito ao nosso volume de negócios e nível de serviço. A execução foi impecável. Estamos realmente satisfeitos com o desempenho da SKIDATA neste projecto.

    What only SKIDATA can do for you

    smart-city-parking smart-city-parking

    Take advantage from SKIDATA’s complete packages including EV-charging and smartphone-based payment solutions to seamlessly integrate into your smart city concept

    scooter scooter

    Use the ability to grow parking facilities into mobility hubs: e. g. with an e-bike or e-scooter rental, integration with public transport, or support of shared mobility concepts

    car-connect car-connect

    Benefit from analyzing mobility data to be prepared for the requirements of ‘cognitive cities’ leveraging new, autonomous mobility technologies

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