smartphone ski pass

The 100% digital ski pass on the smartphone


  • Your guests buy their ski pass for the smartphone at your web shop for direct all-day access to the lifts, with their smartphone tucked in their pockets
  • You benefit from earlier revenues through the e-commerce business
  • Fostering your online sales at your web shop means to save on staff resources at the ticket window
  • Easily stay in touch with your guests to keep them up to date

Take your ski resort into the digitalized future with the 100% mobile ski pass

Purchase – activate – enjoy with the ski pass on the smartphone

  • Guests purchase their ski ticket conveniently from your web shop, turning their smartphone into a data carrier – it’s good-bye to plastic waste
  • They activate the Mobile Flow app once on their mobile device and then head straight to the lift – no need to wait in line to buy a ski pass
  • The smartphone remains in the pocket of your guests – skiing with ultimate convenience!
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Rise to the next level of digitalization

  • Target last-minute buyers more precisely and open up new revenue streams as a result
  • The risk of fraud is reduced more efficiently, as smartphones are not likely to be shared with other persons
  • Plus, you will stay in touch with your guests to keep them up to date and learn about their preferences

Optimize your yield management and save on efforts

  • You gain valuable insight into your guests’ behavior for focused future planning
  • At the same time, you save on operational efforts like manual issuing, processing, and collecting of cards
  • The 100 % mobile ski pass integrates seamlessly into the SKIDATA system and is included in all reports and analyses

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What our clients say

Chegamos a ter 6.000 visitantes num dia de pico na nossa estação, e isso claro que é um enorme desafio. Seria basicamente impossível de fazer sem as Soluções SKIDATA.

Naturalmente, conhecemos e temos conhecimento da competência da SKIDATA, o que foi novamente demonstrado com este projecto. Estamos satisfeitos e orgulhosos por termos sido capazes de desenvolver este projecto em conjunto e o sucesso prova que temos razão.

Temos realmente na SKIDATA um excelente parceiro, que também procura assegurar que os pedidos dos clientes são identificados e implementados o mais rapidamente possível.

Com o sistema sem bilhetes que conseguimos implementar com a SKIDATA, vemos que a experiência do cliente é fantástica.

Gostaria de salientar que para a Sierra Nevada é muito importante sentir que, tecnologicamente, se encontra entre as estâncias mais avançadas do mundo.

What only SKIDATA can do for you

signal signal
100 % digitalization and 100% mobility with the smartphone ski pass ensures 100% convenience
mobile-cart mobile-cart
Increase the attractiveness of your e-commerce with the ski pass on the smart phone
logic logic
Benefit from valuable insights into your guests’ behavior for spot-on business planning
rate-up rate-up
Easily scale your SKIDATA system up by supporting parallel use of 100% digital ski passes and RFID cards

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