parking solution subscription

    Sign up for an always up-to-date and secure system for a simple and plannable monthly fee


    • Easy-to-use parking services from reservation to smart payment included and always on the leading edge – add functionality depending on your needs
    • Always the newest services for your customers, up to date and secure as ongoing innovation and convenience is built-in
    • Simple to use with a plannable and transparent monthly subscription fee

    Add value to your car park: take advantage of an always up to date and secure system with costs under full control and no upfront capital investment

    Everything at your fingertip – and more options to grow

    • Your visitors benefit from LPR for fast and convenient access, fast and easy payment without app or registration, quick help from central support team
    • You operate all your car parks remotely, stay future-ready and connected and benefit from integration into ERP systems or mobility partners
    • Grow your business with further options: EV-charging for growing number of EV-drivers, web shop for online bookings, analytics suite for insights to take the right business decisions

    Built-in convenience, innovation, and safety

    • You support e-mobility, reduce paper tickets and disposal of old devices and you offer your visitors even more convenience
    • You stay future-ready with new features without effort on your side and you save time, resources and budget for manual installations and updates
    • You benefit from automated and predictive software maintenance that reduces issues and downtimes
    • You can rely on a strong protection of both system and data, and be sure to comply with legal and payment regulations

    All-in: One transparent monthly fee

    • No initial investment: you get more flexibility for budgeting as well as flexible adaption to the services you really need
    • With the fully transparent monthly fee you plan your business accurately and years ahead without any estimations
    • The fee covers all software installations, licenses, updates and maintenance services

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    What our clients say

    O que mais gosto na SKIDATA é a inovação, o design que é importante porque é o que os nossos clientes vêem, e o software porque é o que nós operadores precisamos. 

    As suas soluções disponibilizam tantas funcionalidades tais como rastrear todas as nossas operações, melhorando a segurança das nossas operações e proporcionando uma agradável experiência ao cliente que nos visita.

    A SKIDATA era de longe a empresa que nos ia ajudar a alcançar o que queríamos para o nosso negócio avançar.

    É provavelmente como comprar um Rolls Royce, se compararmos com um carro. É sem dúvida um dos melhores fabricantes do mercado. E creio que isso se deve provavelmente ao facto de eles ouvirem os clientes.

    Passámos algum tempo com diferentes fornecedores. Vimos cerca de seis ou sete fornecedores. Muito rapidamente, reduzimos a lista para o líder de mercado.

    What only SKIDATA can do for you

    plannable monthly fee plannable monthly fee
    Get all you need to drive your business for a plannable monthly fee
    cloud-based mobility cloud-based mobility
    Benefit from the highest reliability and flexibility by cloud-based mobility architecture with on-premise core functionality
    security security
    Have data & system always up to date & protected based on highest security standards and ongoing development

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    Vamos ver como podemos trabalhar juntos!