reporting and analytics

    Drive value for your business with comprehensive insights


    • Clear, holistic reporting at your fingertips ensures an instant overview of essential data
    • Optimize your business by consolidating your data into helpful graphical reports
    • Use powerful parking data analytics as a premium add-on to turn data into predictive simulations and forecasts
    • Easily set up intuitive-to-use dashboards and gain detailed business insights for effective decision making

    Get a clear picture of your business and use key data for optimization and forecasting


    All the information you need

    • Benefit from fast and holistic reporting as a standard tool
    • Keep on top of your business with reports designed and tailored to your specific needs
    • Get an instant overview of current usage, revenues, and other key parking data
    • Automatically generate and share reports with stakeholders and decision makers

    Turn data into actionable insights

    • With the add-on parking data analytics tool, you’ve got what it takes to make use of all available data and turn unknown parkers into known visitors across all your car parks
    • Create customized "drag & drop" dashboards to match your specific requirements
    • Gain valuable and detailed insights on financial and operational patterns, and use the data for targeted visitor marketing

    Take perfect business decisions

    • Drill down your data: Use accurate revenue development forecasts for targeted marketing measures, or run predictive simulations, e. g. on the likely impact of new rates
    • Discover and interpret significant patterns and identify opportunities and risks earlier
    • Use powerful business analytics dashboards for revenue optimization and target-group marketing

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    What our clients say

    Samuel Spaltner

    A excelência operacional em estacionamentos é a visão geral e completa de todos os estacionamentos, o seu funcionamento e quais os dados que podem ser recolhidos.

    Dawson French

    Estamos a criar uma experiência fantástica para o cliente.  Com o sistema SKIDATA é fácil garantir que todos tenham uma viagem perfeita.

    Michael Heiermann

    A SKIDATA é para nós um parceiro de confiança com quem temos vindo a implementar soluções inovadoras e digitais há mais de 20 anos.

    Saroeung Neak

    O que descobrimos, que a SKIDATA tinha o equipamento mais elegante. Quando se fala com os proprietários dos edifícios, a primeira coisa com que temos de nos preocupar é com a estética dos equipamentos.

    Júlio César Kampa

    Tivemos um apoio muito bom da SKIDATA - tivemos um excelente apoio.

    What only SKIDATA can do for you

    chart-bar-33 chart-bar-33
    Use the fast and holistic reporting as a standard tool to get an instant overview
    bulb-63 bulb-63
    Create customized dashboards using premium add-on analytics to gain valuable insights
    know-your-customer know-your-customer
    With powerful measures based on forecasts and simulations, you turn unknown parkers into known visitors

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    Vamos ver como podemos trabalhar juntos!