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Safely opening the door to live event

Salzburg, August 10th, 2020: Keeping track of who is granted access when and where, who everyone has been in contact with, and whether your staff is in good health – those are the key factors in making your event safe and sound without risking cancelations. This ensures personal safety and confident planning, not just for visitors but also for the organizer. The SKIDATA Safe Guest Solution makes possible to go ahead with events like the ABB FIA Formula E races in Berlin from August 5th.

As Florian Schneeberger, Vice President Marketing & Technology at SKIDATA explains, “Especially in these times of coronavirus, verifying the health of your guests and staff is a crucial precondition for an event. Together with our partners mtms Solutions and leading healthcare test labs we have developed the worldwide unique SKIDATA Safe Guest Solution – a fully digitized tool that combines electronic ticketing with organizers’ safety requirements and coronavirus tests. With the Safe Guest Solution it’s now possible to ensure compliance with all the stringent safety requirements in a fully contact-free process.”

The new access system will have its premiere when the green flag goes down at this year’s Berlin E-Prix for the Formula E Championships on August 5th. Several thousand people, in being the organizer’s staff, media representatives, drivers and technicians will be accredited electronically for this multiday E-Prix event.

Suitable for events of all sizes

To be accredited, staff require proof of a negative coronavirus test (PCR test) result one or two days before an event. Megaevents may require mass testing, which can be organized easily and reliably through cooperations with leading high-capacity testing laboratories specializing in PCR tests. Test results are returned several hours after a simple saliva test, with the system communicating the result directly to the person tested. If the result is negative, the registration is confirmed automatically without disclosing any health data. In case of a positive test result, the accreditation can be locked or modified instantly as needed. The entire procedure is in full compliance with GDPR requirements. Using portable scanners, accreditations can be verified already in advance, e.g., on the bus while traveling to the event venue.

Subject to a negative coronavirus test result, the time and entry point details are confirmed via a cellphone text message, and the ticket is activated for use. This way, staff as well as visitors, reporters and guests are directed to the proper entrance gate in time for the event. There is also the option of offering special attention and guidance to your VIPs. Using only their own mobile phone as proof of accreditation, guests can get to their seats without having to wait in line. The entire process is completely contact-free. Proven SKIDATA NFC technology in combination with Apple Pay and Google Pay are used to track visitor streams and manage payment and certified access.

Your guests are kept safe after the event as well. Venue staff have to complete a Whatsapp query for possible symptoms every day at the end of their shift. If they fail to respond within eight to twelve hours, the system automatically revokes their accreditation and access permission for the following day with immediate effect.

Authentication of ticket owners in cooperation with MASTERCARD

SKIDATA has collaborated with Mastercard, a global technology company in the payments industry, to allow anyone attending an event to submit secure registration information to better facilitate on-site access permissions. For future live events, the SKIDATA Safe Guest Solution will be the first to utilize Master-card’s “Identity Check Mobile” biometric authentication solution (with biometric authentication information stored securely only on the user’s mobile device). By verifying individual registration and accreditation for all attendees and combining pre-scheduled access permission, the SKIDATA Safe Guest Solution offers event organizers critical insights into real-time visitor numbers, which better supports staff deployments and management of VIP guests.


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