Saving time and money from the very first game: eTicketing for clubs

Saving time and money from the very first game: eTicketing for clubs

16 March 2022Gisela Bechmann3 Minute Read

SKIDATA’s eTicketing solution offers clubs the opportunity to reduce costs and increase revenue from the very first game, and for every subsequent game as well. Top internationally renowned clubs are already on it.


Queuing at the ticket office is an experience that belongs in the past. No sports fan wants to wait in line to buy a ticket to see their favorite team. But is building a web shop to sell tickets online enough? Definitely not. In almost all areas of life, customers have long since become accustomed to the convenience and speed of fully digital processes: You shop, pay, and enjoy your purchases with your smartphone. Why should it be any different when visiting a stadium? Fans appreciate the fast and efficient access to stadiums, where they simply pull out their smartphone at the entrance for admission without rummaging around for a paper ticket.

SKIDATA’s eTicketing solution offers fans a warm welcome when purchasing tickets and entering the stadium. And for stadium operators, the benefits are even greater: eTicketing saves time and staff – and, of course, operating costs every weekend and every game.


Massive cost advantages immediately with eTicketing

SKIDATA’s eTicketing solution integrates QR codes and NFC tickets directly into the Apple and Google wallets that many stadium visitors have on their smartphones anyway. No additional app is necessary. For visitors, it’s an extra convenience. For stadium operators, it’s an immediately significant cost advantage and one that can be measured as well: It eliminates expenses incurred while printing, mailing, and handling paper tickets. The cost advantage of digital processing runs up to 90 percent when compared to paper ticket handling. It’s a difference that can be observed as soon as eTickets are introduced, and the return on investment is clear within the first season of the changeover from mailing tickets to digitally dispatching tickets. eTicketing pays for itself with higher revenue as early as the second season.

eTicketing also offers additional flexibility for the clubs because eTickets are interactive tickets. This means that they can be updated or upgraded, unlike a printed QR code on a paper ticket or PDF printout. Changing start times or a postponed match on game day? No problem – the eTicket updates itself automatically.


More security and additional revenue sources – regardless of the access solution provider

An important factor is that SKIDATA’s eTicketing solution also works independently of the world market leader’s access solutions – and it works in conjunction with any desired ticketing partner. However, the full potential of eTicketing is realized when it is combined with SKIDATA’s modern access solutions. This drives further cost and service advantages, which in turn lead to higher revenue for stadium operators.

In combination with NFC solutions at the turnstiles in stadiums, eTickets offer significantly increased security for coming seasons. Hardly anyone wants to hand over their smartphone to someone else – not even to sneak a friend into a soccer match. NFC offers anti-piracy protection that prevents tickets from being passed on or distributed without permission. Smartphone-based eTickets can be personalized, allowing for unique identification of each ticket holder if necessary. Personalized eTickets for season ticket holders also reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by printing, providing an environmental benefit alongside the cost-benefit for the stadium operator.

The benefits of eTickets extend beyond increased security at entrances – they also reduce the cost of ticket checks. The digitalized process requires less staff as visitors can scan their eTickets for themselves.

While the costs are reduced using eTicketing solutions, the visitor-facing touch points are even growing. Clubs can keep their members and guests up to date with push notifications, or share relevant information, including traffic updates around the stadium. This helps foster a bond with fans. The direct line to visitors and guests can also be used for advertising, offering new sources of revenue for stadium operators.


Green pass check at the entrance

In the age of COVID, SKIDATA also offers stadium operators a green pass solution that can be easily integrated into a SKIDATA access system. This means, no additional staff at the entrance or any additional apps are required. This ensures the protection of both the venue and the visitors. The GDPR-compliant monitoring of ticket data and access-granting processes also prevent fraud at the same time.

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