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ISAE 3402 Certification

Data hosting in accordance to international standards

Data generation, hosting, and processing are essential in the field of access management. In order to demonstrably prove that at SKIDATA this takes place under high quality standards, we have received the international standard ISAE 3402 certification. This ensures that your data is processed and stored according to certified procedures. And not only that: with the ISAE 3402 certification you can demonstrate exactly this to your auditors also.

About ISAE 3402

The "International Standard on Assurance Engagements" (ISAE 3402) is the international testing standard which assesses the effectiveness of the internal control system (ICS) of service organizations. The aim of ISAE 3402 is to comprehensively test the internal control system of an organization and to evaluate its effectiveness in detail. The audit is carried out over a period of six months. The ISAE 3402 audit report includes the opinion of an external auditing organization regarding the control processes of the service provider, a description of the control points, the test method and checks, information concerning the test period, and a statement about the effectiveness of the controls.