reporting and analytics

    Drive value for your business with comprehensive insights


    • Clear, holistic reporting at your fingertips ensures an instant overview of essential data
    • Optimize your business by consolidating your data into helpful graphical reports
    • Use powerful parking data analytics as a premium add-on to turn data into predictive simulations and forecasts
    • Easily set up intuitive-to-use dashboards and gain detailed business insights for effective decision making

    Get a clear picture of your business and use key data for optimization and forecasting


    All the information you need

    • Benefit from fast and holistic reporting as a standard tool
    • Keep on top of your business with reports designed and tailored to your specific needs
    • Get an instant overview of current usage, revenues, and other key parking data
    • Automatically generate and share reports with stakeholders and decision makers

    Turn data into actionable insights

    • With the add-on parking data analytics tool, you’ve got what it takes to make use of all available data and turn unknown parkers into known visitors across all your car parks
    • Create customized "drag & drop" dashboards to match your specific requirements
    • Gain valuable and detailed insights on financial and operational patterns, and use the data for targeted visitor marketing

    Take perfect business decisions

    • Drill down your data: Use accurate revenue development forecasts for targeted marketing measures, or run predictive simulations, e. g. on the likely impact of new rates
    • Discover and interpret significant patterns and identify opportunities and risks earlier
    • Use powerful business analytics dashboards for revenue optimization and target-group marketing

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    What our clients say

    Samuel Spaltner

    Operational excellence for parkings includes the full overview over all car parks, their operation and which data can be collected.

    Dawson French

    We are creating a fantastic customer experience.  With the SKIDATA system it's easy to make sure that everybody has a perfect journey.

    Michael Heiermann

    SKIDATA is a reliable partner for us with whom we have been implementing innovative and digital solutions for over 20 years.

    Saroeung Neak

    What we found, that SKIDATA had the sleekest looking equipment. When you speak to building owners, there is actually the first thing we have to worry about is the esthetics of equipment.

    Júlio César Kampa

    We've had a very good support from SKIDATA – we have had excellent support.

    What only SKIDATA can do for you

    chart-bar-33 chart-bar-33
    Use the fast and holistic reporting as a standard tool to get an instant overview
    bulb-63 bulb-63
    Create customized dashboards using premium add-on analytics to gain valuable insights
    know-your-customer know-your-customer
    With powerful measures based on forecasts and simulations, you turn unknown parkers into known visitors

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