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Discover access media in all their variations


  • A wide range of non-RFID and RFID-based tickets made of different materials, all customizable to your destination’s specifics
  • Sustainable: PVC-free paper ticket options for single-use purposes
  • Legendary: the long-lasting, reusable Keycard
  • Eye-catching: the keycard pure – made of wood – a premium card for premium guests
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Single-use tickets for many use cases

  • Single-use tickets made of paper: a wide range of different storage and separation options
  • Plastic-free single-use ticket: show your guests that you care about the environment – from the moment they get on the lift
  • Sell printable space on the ticket for advertising, or use it for your own purposes

The legendary SKIDATA Keycard

  • Much more than just a data carrier or RFID ticket: durable and reusable many times over
  • The number of the keycard serves for conveniently reloading further ski passes to the card via the web shop or directly at the kiosk
  • In case of restrictions related to Covid-19, the verification of the vaccination proof is immediately linked to the ski pass on the keycard, which is thus "unlocked".

Keycard pure: A piece of nature in your guests’ pocket

  • Keycard pure: A piece of nature in your guests’ pocket
  • The keycard pure combines digital technology with alpine traditions to differentiate yourself from other destinations
  • Made of wood, it is a unique way for you to welcome your premium guests
  • The keycard pure is a definite eyecatcher: each card is unique with its own grain pattern, providing a premium look and feel
  • Guests often keep them as a souvenir or collectible items. This helps to foster brand awareness and encourages return visits to your destination

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What our clients say

Today we have up to 6.000 visitors in one peak day in our season and that of course is a huge challenge. It would be basically impossible to do without SKIDATA Solutions.

Of course, we know and have known about the great competence that comes from SKIDATA. This has been demonstrated again with this project. We are pleased and proud that we were able to develop this project together in such a way and the joint success proves us right.

We really have an excellent partner in SKIDATA, who also looks to ensure that customer requests are identified and implemented as soon as possible.

With the ticketless system that we have managed to implement with SKIDATA we are seeing that the customer experience is fantastic.

I would like to point out that for Sierra Nevada it is very important to feel that technologically it is among the most advanced resorts in the world.

What only SKIDATA can do for you

referee referee
A wide range of different ticket media and styles – perfectly tailored to your specific needs and wants, including plastic-free options that protect the environment
device-connection device-connection
The legendary SKIDATA keycard: a durable RFID ticket for long lasting use at your mountain destination, never out of style
forest forest
The eye-catching keycard pure – made completely of wood, 100% plastic-free: a prime example for replacing plastic materials with renewable premium-quality materials

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