Improve future offerings: connect with your visitors, partners and infrastructure to multiply your use cases


    • SKIDATA Connect is our all-in-one proposition in the world of Parking & Mobility and Sports & Entertainment. 
    • Connecting SKIDATA customers, their visitors, and partners with smart solutions that enrich crucial customer journey touchpoints.
    • SKIDATA Connect enhances value through software & hardware (available on-premise or cloud-based) and integrated partner APIs, complementing existing infrastructure.
    • Designed to boost revenue, streamline operations, elevate visitor experiences, and foster sustainable growth through insightful data analytics.


    SKIDATA Connect


    SKIDATA connect for visitors

    • Increase value and experience for your visitors.
    • Higher convenience with booking and payment online.
    • eCommerce, ticketing, mobile reservations, mobile payments, EV-Charging and EV-Charging payments: all this with their smartphone and the use of their favorite apps.


    SKIDATA connect for operators

    • Increase efficiency and open new revenue streams.
    • Data Driven Decisions: Providing facts as a basis for your decisions.
    • One-stop shopping makes it simple for you. 


    • Integrate into SKIDATA Connect and profit from a huge install base.
    • Decrease time to market with open interfaces and get immediate access to new markets and new end users.
    • Multiply your possible use cases and create new revenue streams.