Streamline your parking operations with LPR

Streamline your parking operations with LPR

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License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a cutting-edge technology that employs computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to swiftly identify and document vehicle license plate numbers. Also known as Automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR), this remarkable system has multifaceted uses such as traffic management, security, and parking management.

In this article, we will focus on the benefits of LPR for car parks.


How LPR Increases Efficiency and Convenience

LPR systems eliminate the need for ticket dispensing machines or even barriers. Instead, the system automatically records the vehicle's license plate number upon entry and exit, reducing the time and effort. Barrierless parking becomes a reality. This leads to faster and more efficient access management and an improved user experience which is a huge benefit e.g. for parking in cities.

Additionally, LPR systems can also be integrated with payment systems, allowing for a seamless and automated parking experience. For example, drivers can opt for a ticketless solution by either signing up for a pay-per-use (automatic parking fee payment linked to a credit card and the license plate or a car) or using their smartphone for payment without the need for any registration or app at all.

Another added benefit of LPR is reserving a parking space in advance. This ensures that drivers have a stress-free and convenient parking experience for example at airports or for events.


SKIDATA License Plate Recognition opens a gate in the blink of an eye


How LPR Improves Safety and Security

Number plate scanner technology can provide a safer and more secure environment for car parks. The system can track and monitor vehicles, ensuring the safety of parked cars and their occupants.

With LPR technology (ANPR technology), the system automatically records the vehicle's license plate number upon entry, eliminating the need for physical tickets.

For traditional parking-ticket operation modes: In case of a lost ticket, the vehicle can still be identified in the parking system. This results in the appropriate parking fee being charged, reducing the hassle and inconvenience for drivers and enhancing the overall efficiency of the parking system.


Enhanced Data Management

LPR systems generate ample data on car park usage and occupancy, providing information especially to otherwise unknown visitors, and enabling informed decision-making and planning. This data can also optimize car park usage by providing the appropriate parking spaces at the right times.

With this data, it is easy to identify trends and patterns in car park usage. This solution enables facility managers to adjust and improve to meet changing demands.




New ways of marketing your car park

Number plate scanner technology can provide a safer and more secure environment for car parks. The system can track and monitor vehicles, ensuring the safety of parked cars and their occupants.

A marketing manager of a car park can use the data collected via License Plate Recognition (LPR) in several innovative ways to address just the right target group for a campaign to increase campaign effectiveness, uplift revenues, and enhance the customer experience.

The data collected from parking behavior can serve multiple purposes.

It can be utilized to personalize promotions, optimize pricing strategies by analyzing customer footfall, and identify high-value customers for exclusive offers and rewards.

These unique ways of using the data collected via LPR technology can help a marketing manager of a car park to

  • increase revenue,
  • enhance the customer experience,
  • strengthen the relationship with customers, and
  • stay ahead of the competition.



Cost Savings with License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition systems can lead to significant cost savings for car parks by reducing the need for manual labor, physical tickets, or other equipment.

LPR can also help to reduce the cost of maintenance and repair of traditional parking equipment, such as ticket dispensing machines.

With License Plate Recognition cameras in place, you can even think about going "barrierless" which will reduce maintenance costs even further.

With more data on your hands make more efficient use of your car park. Benefit from better planning and cost savings over time.



Advantages of LPR solutions for contract parking

LPR technology provides several advantages for contract parking, where a company or organization contracts a parking facility or parts of a garage exclusively for its employees or customers.

With LPR, the parking system can be programmed to grant barrierless entry and exit only to authorized vehicles, ensuring that only contract parkers are using the facility.

This leads to more efficient use of the parking facility, reducing the risk of overcrowding and maximizing the available space.

License Plate Recognition systems can be linked with payment systems, allowing automated billing and payment processing. This integration minimizes administrative duties and improves the overall efficiency of contract parking.

The data produced by LPR systems can also oversee and improve the utilization and monitoring of contract parking facilities. This generates valuable insights for facility managers and helps them make informed parking management decisions.



In conclusion, the benefits of License Plate Recognition for car parks are clear.

LPR technology provides several benefits for car park management, such as:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Enhanced customer convenience
  • Improved safety and security
  • More data for customer insights
  • Cost savings

Overall, LPR technology is a powerful solution to streamline parking management processes.

As technology continues to advance, the use of License Plate Recognition cameras is likely to become increasingly widespread, improving the experience of drivers and car park managers alike.

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