I'm the preacher for digital here

I'm the preacher for digital here

Jacco has a unique role at SKIDATA Benelux that allows him to drive real change - and he loves it.

Jacco's job title at SKIDATA is officially "Account Manager Digital Solutions." He calls himself a "preacher for digital." It's fitting that he previously worked in a start-up, which was then sold. "The company entered into a new phase and for me, it was time to move on," says Jacco – as he looked for a new challenge. That's how he came to work at the SKIDATA office in Barendrecht almost two years ago.


We teach it to the customers - and they take it outside

In everyday life, preaching digital solutions looks like this: Jacco invites existing and potential customers into the showroom, shows them how a parking installation works, and explains the benefits of SKIDATA components, such as barriers and payment machines.

Then he gives them an idea of how they can make their lives even easier with SKIDATA’s digital solutions - for themselves and, in turn, for their customers. If the customer can't come to the showroom, Jacco also explains the possibilities in online demos.

For example, it is now possible to monitor and control SKIDATA solutions 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere. Or how end customers can buy or pay a parking ticket via an app instead of at the parking ticket machine. "Our slogan is: We change the world by welcoming people," he says. "To achieve this, it's crucial to recognize that our customers themselves have customers, and each individual customer anticipates a seamless digital experience and top-notch products that align with their latest digital standards."

The wonderful aspect of my role is that "the majority of my contacts are highly receptive to my suggestions," Jacco says. Logically, the digital solutions save them time in their own day-to-day work.




A unique position

Jacco was born in Zwijndrecht and graduated in Rotterdam with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. So far, he has worked in "very normal sales jobs." At SKIDATA, "if I may say so immodestly," he says, "my role is already unique." The position allows him to really make a difference here, and Jacco likes that. It's also nice to be part of the future of the mobility industry and to work with prominent names on a day-to-day basis. "I park where SKIDATA is all the time," Jacco says. " We serve prominent clients, including industry-leading airports, hospitals, municipalities, theme parks, and stadiums."

Jacco also appreciates his colleagues. "The people who work here are very loyal; they really want to move the company forward." As a Benelux organization, it's a rewarding experience to operate in both Belgium and the Netherlands. These countries exhibit unique cultural differences, and it's truly enriching to appreciate the best of both worlds. Whether they are Belgian or Dutch doesn't matter to him. "As long as they are open to my digital solutions", he says, laughing. "But in all honesty, we work well together in both countries."




Bike tour in the  SKIDATA jersey

Above all, he shares a passion for cycling with some of his colleagues. "I commute 13 kilometers to and from work every day, and when it fits into my schedule, I'll hop on my bike and don't shy away from wearing my SKIDATA outfit for it." Since the birth of his four-year-old son, he no longer has much time to indulge in this hobby beyond his daily commute. "This saves me valuable time to spend with my family besides my job at SKIDATA, which is very important to me." Jacco and his partner are currently expecting their second child.

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