Your internship at SKIDATA – a journey full of excitement, activity and team spirit!

Your internship at SKIDATA- a journey full of excitement, innovation and spirit!

An internship at SKIDATA gives young talents an opportunity to accrue valuable experience with a leading international supplier of solutions. Nathalie, SKIDATA’s Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Specialist, delves into the array of internships available.

Nathalie began her journey at SKIDATA in January 2024 after chatting to two SKIDATA employees at a trade show. Being an avid winter sports enthusiast, her connection to the company’s offerings extends beyond the professional realm, touching on a personal passion. Serving as a Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Specialist, Nathalie thrives amidst the varied challenges her role presents. With a degree in international economics complemented by marketing experience at both an online travel company and a branding agency, she contributes a wealth of expertise. Nathalie is particularly enthusiastic about nurturing talent. Discover how you, too, can gain valuable experience at SKIDATA.

Nathalie, what internships does SKIDATA offer?

Every summer, we offer holiday internships to teenagers aged 16 to 19. University of applied sciences students may find our long-term internships appealing, and our traineeships have a duration of one year. We also supervise bachelor’s thesis and are open to various types of further internships. For example, we welcome people returning to work after maternity leave, which could mean a traineeship. Compensation for all internships is provided, albeit scaled according to the level of training. We offer internships at our offices in Grödig, Wals and Klagenfurt.

How long do internships last?

Summer internships range from four to eight weeks, long-term internships from four to six months, and traineeships a year. Working students can work part-time alongside their studies.

How many interns does SKIDATA welcome?

We predominantly host interns in the IT domain. During summer, we offer 10–15 holiday internships, and we currently have three long-term interns.

What qualities are sought in SKIDATA interns?

A passion for technology, whether in software or hardware development, is important. We also prize dedication, openness, a keenness for continuous learning, and a proactive approach to participation. Commitment is cherished, with strong emphasis placed on ensuring interns feel at home and find SKIDATA to be a good employer.

What can interns expect from SKIDATA?

SKIDATA integrates interns into the team right from the start so that they don’t just observe, but actively participate in the work process. They’re introduced to exciting areas of responsibility and a stimulating working environment. Long-term interns benefit from close collaboration, including with trainees. In summer, holiday interns can look forward to a special day featuring a communal lunch and an Experience World Tour.

What makes an internship at SKIDATA so worthwhile?

We present young talents with the chance to amass significant experience with us, a global solutions provider. Interns gain insights into exciting areas and can actively participate in projects. Some interns return to us. This year, a former school intern reapplied and is now doing a long-term internship, while another has joined as a trainee software developer.

How can I apply?

Prospective applicants can find the contact details on the SKIDATA website and simply submit their applications online. We particularly encourage young women to apply for technical roles. Diversity is extremely important for the development of our teams, bolstering our competitive edge and fostering innovation across the company. For this reason, we’re determined to increase the proportion of women in these areas.


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Your internship at SKIDATA – a journey full of excitement, activity and team spirit!

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