Space for Creativity and Teamwork

Space for Creativity and Teamwork

SKIDATA opened a new software lab in Wals near Salzburg: Around 100 top-quality workstations are ready for the software development, hosting, quality assurance and documentation teams. With the return of the employees to the office, the software lab is now filling with life.


Modern, airy, bright and welcoming – we’re talking about the new rooms in the freshly-relocated SKIDATA software lab in Wals. Here, around 100 workstations were prepared across more than 2500 square meters for software developers and colleagues working in hosting quality assurance and documentation. The teams previously worked at a number of locations around the headquarters in Grödig can now be found under a single roof, and spread over just two floors, and the distance between departments is short. “Now everything that belongs together is together,” says Christoph, Director Solution Development Parking at SKIDATA.

Noisy open-office plans are no longer. “Each team has their own area that they can design themselves,” explains Christoph. Many teams opted for photo wallpapers with impressive imagery, which Harald, the leading software architect on the parking Team, took all over the world, including at select SKIDATA locations.


An area for every team

In addition to the working areas outfitted with three to six work stations, each team has its own space for collaborative work where both meetings and creative sessions can be held. In this space, there are monitors, whiteboards, flip charts and high tables for stand-up meetings on one side, and sofas, armchairs and refrigerators on the other side. “These are our cozy chill-out corners.” We also added separate cabins for uninterrupted phone calls as well as workstations for visitors across the working area.

“Everyone can work in peace from their own workplace. And if you want to exchange ideas with others on your team, the collaboration room is right next door,” explains Christoph. “What’s great is that teams can use these rooms whenever they like because they are not used by anyone else. That’s why you don’t have to put everything up and then take it down again for each meeting.”

The concept of dividing the rooms for the teams into a work space and a creative zone was inspired by the Spotify offices. “A colleague brought the idea back from Copenhagen,” Christoph recalls. “And it was very well received by the teams.”



Plenty of light, transparency and flexibility

High window facades and glass walls offer transparency and plenty of light, while air conditioning and wooden floors create a comfortable atmosphere. For the interior design, SKIDATA enlisted the support of Steelcase, and the ergonomic furniture–desks with adjustable heights, for example–was first checked by the company doctor. But the location is not only enticing for its contemporary equipment: There is a small cafeteria in the building, with a number of shopping facilities nearby alongside a canteen and restaurants, where SKIDATA’s meal vouchers are also accepted.

The location is well connected, with the highway and the airport in the immediate vicinity. Those arriving by e-car can charge it at one of the four charging stations, while those traveling by bike can leave it at the bicycle station. Showers, changing rooms and lockers are also available. Recreational ad leisure facilities are around the corner, as many SKIDATA employees enjoy running together or playing other sports in their free time.


Room for growth

The fact that the software development, hosting, quality assurance, documentation and departmental management teams are now in one building makes daily collaboration easier, says Christoph. “Quick personal discussions are now possible without complications.” Everything in the software lab in Wals is designed for flexibility. The ground floor by the atrium is home to the laboratories for quality assurance, but also a large open space for events and presentations, and for testing hardware. The room is also equipped with a foosball table, a basketball hoop and a dartboard. “This is another place to find inspiration and be creative,” Christoph explains.

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