smartphone ski pass

The 100% digital ski pass on the smartphone


  • Your guests buy their ski pass for the smartphone at your web shop for direct all-day access to the lifts, with their smartphone tucked in their pockets
  • You benefit from earlier revenues through the e-commerce business
  • Fostering your online sales at your web shop means to save on staff resources at the ticket window
  • Easily stay in touch with your guests to keep them up to date

Take your ski resort into the digitalized future with the 100% mobile ski pass

Purchase – activate – enjoy with the ski pass on the smartphone

  • Guests purchase their ski ticket conveniently from your web shop, turning their smartphone into a data carrier – it’s good-bye to plastic waste
  • They activate the Mobile Flow app once on their mobile device and then head straight to the lift – no need to wait in line to buy a ski pass
  • The smartphone remains in the pocket of your guests – skiing with ultimate convenience!
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Rise to the next level of digitalization

  • Target last-minute buyers more precisely and open up new revenue streams as a result
  • The risk of fraud is reduced more efficiently, as smartphones are not likely to be shared with other persons
  • Plus, you will stay in touch with your guests to keep them up to date and learn about their preferences

Optimize your yield management and save on efforts

  • You gain valuable insight into your guests’ behavior for focused future planning
  • At the same time, you save on operational efforts like manual issuing, processing, and collecting of cards
  • The 100 % mobile ski pass integrates seamlessly into the SKIDATA system and is included in all reports and analyses

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What our clients say

Today we have up to 6.000 visitors in one peak day in our season and that of course is a huge challenge. It would be basically impossible to do without SKIDATA Solutions.

Of course, we know and have known about the great competence that comes from SKIDATA. This has been demonstrated again with this project. We are pleased and proud that we were able to develop this project together in such a way and the joint success proves us right.

We really have an excellent partner in SKIDATA, who also looks to ensure that customer requests are identified and implemented as soon as possible.

With the ticketless system that we have managed to implement with SKIDATA we are seeing that the customer experience is fantastic.

I would like to point out that for Sierra Nevada it is very important to feel that technologically it is among the most advanced resorts in the world.

What only SKIDATA can do for you

signal signal
100 % digitalization and 100% mobility with the smartphone ski pass ensures 100% convenience
mobile-cart mobile-cart
Increase the attractiveness of your e-commerce with the ski pass on the smart phone
logic logic
Benefit from valuable insights into your guests’ behavior for spot-on business planning
rate-up rate-up
Easily scale your SKIDATA system up by supporting parallel use of 100% digital ski passes and RFID cards

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