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SKIDATA Wins Product Innovation Award

Manchester, UK: SKIDATA once again proves its stronghold as an industry-leading pioneer in the world of people access and control as the company took home the Product Innovation award at the 10th annual Stadium Business Summit for their NFC e-ticket solution. 

SKIDATA and Apple offer a contactless, barcode-less wave of the iPhone for fast, frictionless entry- with no touch of a button.  Tap+Go allows users to simply wave their phone near the reader, eliminating the search for tickets and need for an aligned barcode scan. 

At Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, the famed home of Bayern Munich Football Club (FCB), the NFC ticketing solution is already underway at the stadium, alongside SKIDATA turnstile gates. 

In addition to Allianz Arena, in last spring the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles, CA, opened its doors for the newly stated Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC). Throughout their inaugural season, LAFC showcased a new SKIDATA access management solution, including pedestrian and parking access in addition to their SKIDATA and Apple-certified NFC mobile contactless solution. 

Why NFC for ticketing? 

NFC (as well as RFID technology) allows to the guest to have a frictionless experience without stress such as showing a barcode or aligning perfectly to the ticket scanner. Within the specified detection range, the mobile device or RFID card is detected. 

Further, NFC allows for unmatched security and fraud prevention. Unlike with paper or mobile tickets on screens, there is no visual ID that can be copied and forwarded to another person, eliminating frustration or hassle to all involved in a fake ticket issue, from user to operator. A crypted payload stored in the chip after a ticket is issued secures the entire lifecycle of an event ticket, also allowing the transferring of tickets in a safe, digital way. 

As over the past 40 years, SKIDATA is a pioneer in contactless ticketing technology, introducing RFID as the first company in the skiing and mountain industry. Within 15 years of its introduction, the entire industry moved away from barcode or magstripe ticket to 99% RFID usage. Similar indicators show the events and arena industry will similarly follow suit in the upcoming years. 

Florian Schneeberger, vice president at SKIDATA states, “mobile contactless ticketing will revolutionize the events experience by ensuring a smooth entrance for guests in an industry where security and convenience are top priority.”