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Parking Management at Park & Ride sites in Belgium
The goal of B-Parking is to operate public car parks near railway stations as an added service to public transportation. 54 of its park & ride (p&r) sites with over 23,000 parking spaces across Belgium have been equipped with a remote access management system by SKIDATA. Belgian travelers enjoy the convenience of a solution that combines private transport and public transport.

Project Overview 

54 P&R sites with over 23,000 parking spaces managed remotely; combined parking and public transport with one card
97 lanes, 170 gates and 69 vending machines; cashless operation for increased convenience and less risk
Managed by three call centers and 24 virtualized servers for immediate incident detection; reduction of staff by fully centralized software
In 2012, B-Parking and SKIDATA jointly developed a new mobility pass. With this card, the visitors can not only enter and leave a car park, but also take a train or bus in Brussels. Thus, this card provides a complete mobility solution.
All car parks are operated completely cashless. This results in less risk and a convenient management. Three multilingual call centers provide support 24/7 for more than 25 park & ride sites. With the SKIDATA system, the crew monitors the entire installation remotely and automatically. If an incident occurs at a gate or a ticket machine, it is detected in real-time and fixed in the shortest possible time.
Thanks to the excellent cooperation between SKIDATA and NMBS Holding, it was possible to develop a fully centralized software architecture. This concept ensures that human intervention in the car parks throughout Belgium is kept to a minimum. This makes it possible to manage 54 car parks with only 6 people.

With the SKIDATA architecture, it is possible to manage more than 40 car parks in Belgium with only six people. Thanks to an excellent collaboration between SKIDATA and the NMBS Holding, it became possible to develop a fully centralized architecture.

Cédric Blanckaert, B-Parking, Belgium

Facts & Figures

Project Name NMBS Holding / B-Parking - Parking Management at Park & Ride sites in Belgium
City Throughout Belgium
Installation Date 2008
Capacity / Parkings lots / Size Capacity 54 P&R sites with over 23,000 Parking spaces; 97 lanes, 170 gates and 69 vending machines
Requirement Reservation of parking slots exclusively for rail customers; Special rates for p&r customers; Immediate remote service for all installations; Outsourcing of service and data management
Solution implemented Cashless solution for parking and public transport; Remote management of all car parks; Remote incident detection and service
Realization / Special Features Remote Monitoring & Control of all p&r sites; Various access and payment solutions; All data safely stored in the SKIDATA cloud and analyzed with SKIDATA software

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