activities for your guests

Expand your sales and marketing to more just than skiing


  • Let your guests detect new facets of your ski resort
  • Reduce administrative effort by integrating all new offers into the SKIDATA solution
  • Make your services available online, with easy on-site collection at vending machines or hotel receptions
  • Offer your non-skiing guests alternatives – relax at a nearby spa, have fun at a local ice rink, or at other attractions at your destination



Let your guests feel the spirit of your destination

  • Offer your guests additional services at your mountain destination and serve them even better for their wellbeing
  • Raise your guests’ convenience to new levels by easy booking options of all offers in your web shop
  • Give them the option of having fun at a climbing park, a flying fox or at a bike park

Easy integration of all leisure activity sales into the SKIDATA solution

  • Easily manage to integrate a wide range of activities for your guests
  • Provide convenient access for guests at the entrance and let them expand their leisure time experience with additional options besides skiing
  • Full, transparent auditing of activity sales and consumption via central accounting

Expand your sales strategy to include multiple sales channels

  • The hotel reception is a good point of sale, as guests often get their inspiration for more local activities there
  • Offer your guests additional options besides skiing when they book their ski pass in your web shop
  • Use the displays of your vending machines to promote alternative guest activities and related services

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What our clients say

Today we have up to 6.000 visitors in one peak day in our season and that of course is a huge challenge. It would be basically impossible to do without SKIDATA Solutions.

Of course, we know and have known about the great competence that comes from SKIDATA. This has been demonstrated again with this project. We are pleased and proud that we were able to develop this project together in such a way and the joint success proves us right.

We really have an excellent partner in SKIDATA, who also looks to ensure that customer requests are identified and implemented as soon as possible.

With the ticketless system that we have managed to implement with SKIDATA we are seeing that the customer experience is fantastic.

I would like to point out that for Sierra Nevada it is very important to feel that technologically it is among the most advanced resorts in the world.

What only SKIDATA can do for you

c-add c-add
Let the SKIDATA Mountain Solution help you market and sell additional leisure activities for guests at your destination
massage massage
Include automatic access to wellness or ice rink facilities with guest cards
wardrobe-2 wardrobe-2

Integrate third-party offers like locker rental

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