sustainability at SKIDATA

Sustainability begins on your own doorstep


Efficient use of energy

At SKIDATA Headquarters, 100 % of the energy needed comes from renewable sources. Beyond that, carbon footprint metrics like energy, heating, fuel and air conditioning are regularly reviewed and improved.

We are evaluating our Corporate Carbon Footprint of HQ in Grödig and the Wals Technology Center with ClimatePartner to gain an insight into our major emission drivers and based on the results plan and set more strategic reduction measures for the next years.

SKIDATA supports reducing CO2 emissions caused by travelling and commuting. The employees benefit e. g. from job tickets for public transport, from fostering bike usage of employees or from the possibility to work from home. Employees with electric vehicles may charge their car at the SKIDATA Headquarters site and e-bike charging stations are off ered as well.

To further reduce travel for employees, SKIDATA offers many e-learnings: In 2020, 400+ employees completed e-trainings.


Separation of waste

Generally, we at SKIDATA separate trash and collect outdated R&D Hardware & parts. These measures highly benefit the environment as they re-introduce valuable reusable material into the production circle.

  • Waste separation options in the kitchen areas at Headquarters
  • The Hardware R&D collection point at the Headquarters and the “WTC Wals” separates electronic components
  • We generally enforce reduction of printed material

SKIDATA at Tradeshows

Trade shows generally require a large amount of energy, especially events related to the technology and industry sectors.

  • Traveling to tradeshows is reduced as less on-site staff is planned for tradeshows. Thus, we eliminate carbon emissions provoked by flying and driving.
  • To reduce disposable items, SKIDATA uses reusable ceramic coffee cups, tables and glasses for catering the guests on the booth. If the use of plastic cups or similar is indispensable, they are collected for recycling.
  • QR codes are our preferred digital way to show product information without print-outs.
  • For equipping small events or tradeshows, SKIDATA places the “Mobile Booth Concept” at the subsidiaries’ disposal. That’s how one booth can be used over and over and there is no need to repurchase booth items every time.

Sourcing for SKIDATA headquarters

SKIDATA offers their employees organic & fair-trade coffee and organic milk. Every week the colleagues benefit from a vitamin kick of organic fruits.

On the premises of SKIDATA’s headquarters, a wildflower meadow for the bees is cultivated. Two bee colonies are maintained for by a colleague and provide delicious honey every year.

With respect to corporate clothing, the supplier of SKIDATA has certifications for fair trade, fair labor practices. The products bear the Oeko-Tex®- Label, a renowned standard for textiles. Moreover, the supplier declares that for the production of the clothes no child labor is involved and the clothes are produced under fair working conditions

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