We are ClimatePartner certified!

We are ClimatePartner certified! 

Our Path to A Sustainable Future

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We're thrilled to announce a significant step forward in our ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility: SKIDATA has achieved ClimatePartner certification!

This certification is a testament to our efforts in combating climate change and promoting a greener future. And this journey, like any worthwhile venture, was a process. These are the five steps that led us here.

The Path to ClimatePartner Certification

  1. Measuring Our Carbon Footprints

    Our initial step was acknowledging our environmental impact. We meticulously calculated the carbon footprint of our entire ticket portfolio, uncovering our emission volumes and areas with significant CO2 reduction potential.

    Here are the numbers that provided us with a baseline for change in kg CO2:

    1000 Keycards - ~50.52 kg
    1000 Keytix - ~14.64 kg
    1000 Barcode Tickets - ~3.17 kg

  2. Setting Reduction Targets

    With this data, we set concrete goals: we aim to reduce our keycard carbon emissions by 20% by 2024 compared to 2022 across our supply chain.

  3. Implementing Reductions

    We put our plans into action immediately.
    By using over 90% green electricity in our ticket production, incorporating recycled materials in our ticket products, and opting for cardboard boxes made from recycled paper, we actively lower our emissions.

  4. Financing Climate Projects

    Despite our changes, some emissions persist. To address these, we're financing a combined climate project in Austria. This project supports a certified climate project and bolsters nature conservation in Austria’s Alpine region.


    We're also contributing to two wind energy projects—one in South Africa to leverage sustainable energy, and another to stimulate renewable energy usage and create long-term employment opportunities.





  5. Communicating Transparently

    Transparency is key to our efforts. You can follow our progress in these five steps on our ClimatePartner certified label and our climate-ID page.

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Let's Shape The Future Together

Corporate Social Responsibility is woven into our vision at SKIDATA. We invite you to be part of this pivotal journey.
Partnering with us means you're investing in our shared future and actively contributing to protecting our planet for future generations. Together, we can drive significant change and achieve a more sustainable future.

Will you join us?

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