Embracing Tomorrow: SKIDATA's Role in Crafting Cutting-Edge Mobility Hubs

Embracing Tomorrow: SKIDATA's Role in Crafting Cutting-Edge Mobility Hubs

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In an era where urban mobility is rapidly evolving, SKIDATA stands at the forefront, not just as a leader in parking solutions but as an enabler of comprehensive Mobility Hubs. Leveraging our deep understanding of parking industry dynamics and end-user needs, we're transforming the concept of parking into a multifaceted mobility experience. 


Navigating Urban Journeys: Enabling Mobility Hubs with SKIDATA Expertise

SKIDATA recognizes that today's urban travelers seek more than just parking. They desire seamless, integrated transportation experiences. That's where our expertise comes into play. We enable Mobility Hubs that are more than parking spaces; they are the nexus of diverse transport modes, meeting the evolving needs of the modern city dweller.




SKIDATA Connect: The Backbone of Integrated Urban Mobility

At the heart of this transformation is SKIDATA Connect, a platform that displays our commitment to innovation and user-centric solutions. SKIDATA Connect facilitates the effortless integration of various transportation modes, apps, add-on services, and payment solutions, creating a cohesive and user-friendly urban transit ecosystem.


Seamless Control at Your Fingertips

SKIDATA simplifies urban travel by making your smartphone the ultimate remote control for mobility. Using their mobile, users effortlessly manage parking, EV charging, seamless payments for public transport, and secure spots for bicycles and scooters. Many services, including pay-per-use parking and automatic charging, require no active user input, showcasing our commitment to a frictionless, automated urban journey.




Here's how SKIDATA Connect is revolutionizing urban mobility:

  1. Public Transport Integration: Seamlessly integrate with public transportation systems, allowing users to park and directly access train or bus services using the same pass.
  2. EV Charging Stations: Adding EV charging solutions, catering to the growing number of EV owners.
  3. Bicycle Storage Solutions: Incorporating secure bicycle storage encourages multimodal transport.
  4. Last-Mile Delivery Solutions: Transforming parking facilities into crucial nodes in the urban logistics chain with designated areas for package pickups and drop-offs.
  5. Cashless and Mobile Payments: Modernizing payment methods with cashless transactions and mobile payments, enhancing user convenience.
  6. Shared Vehicle Options: Catering to the environmentally conscious and those who prefer shared mobility solutions.
  7. Last-Mile Innovations: Integrating eScooters and other last-mile solutions, ensuring a complete and convenient journey.
  8. Taxi Services Integration: Incorporating taxi access for those needing quick, direct transportation.


Case Study: The SKIDATA and NMBS Synergy



The collaboration between SKIDATA and NMBS, the National Company of the Belgian Railways, is a shining example of how these concepts are being brought to life.

Through this partnership, we have created a "mobility pass" that allows access to over 23,000 parking spaces at 54 Park & Ride sites across Belgium, along with other urban mobility services.

This project demonstrates how parking facilities can be seamlessly integrated with public transport, EV charging, and other services, enhancing the convenience and sustainability of urban travel.

It's tangible proof that SKIDATA is not just talking about Mobility Hubs but actively creating them, offering practical, working solutions that are reshaping urban mobility throughout Belgium.


Pioneering Urban Mobility: SKIDATA's Vision for the Future


SKIDATA is more than a provider; we are enablers of the future urban landscape.

Our role in developing Mobility Hubs is a reflection of our vision to not just anticipate but actively shape the future of smart cities.


👉 Join us in this journey of transformation. Reach out to SKIDATA to learn how we can collaborate to enrich urban mobility experiences. Together, let's redefine movement in our cities, making every journey seamless and every destination reachable.


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