SKIDATA’s eTicketing: Manage visitor flows like never before

NFC eTicket uses encrypted data to share and use information with globally accepted standards that eliminate ticket fraud


  • Offer your guests a warm welcome with the fastest, seamless access control management system to date
  • Can be integrated by every ticketing provider in the event industry to make use of all the benefits by each club or venue
  • Offer flexibility and creativity with your ticketing: tickets can be digitally changed or upgraded any time

Let's welcome digital ticketing transformation


NFC eTickets your way

  • Reduce your resources and costs with digital ticketing systems for amusement parks or stadiums 
  • Gain full control over ticket data and layout
  • Reduce the ecological footprint and increase sustainability issuing paperless tickets
  • No additional apps; people know how to use their mobile phones’ wallets

Benefit from Trusted Partners 

  • Ready-to-use wallets feature Apple Pay or Google Pay, certified thoroughout for maximum security
  •  Efficient, flexible, and convenient - for operators and guests alike 
  • Significantly reduce fraud and reduce the cost of manual ticket checks with contactless event tickets

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What our clients say

Hamish Allen

We have been fortunate to have SKIDATA's unwavering support throughout the years, and their expertise has been instrumental in successfully executing our upgrade project. Their commitment to excellence and seamless integration has truly impressed our stadium management.

Mark Stevenson

SKIDATA built us a dynamic stadium map that allows us to monitor fill and flow rates on a match day.

Robert Holmes

From a ticketing perspective, SKIDATA's ability to be innovative has been invaluable in helping us deliver the eTicketing solution. Their ability to solve problems and come up with solutions has just been invaluable, and we couldn't have done it without them.

Steve Davison

Already the first match was successful. It happened to be on SKY and so we really needed to make sure we got the kick-off on time and really pleasingly, we got everybody into the ground 5 minutes before kick-off. And that's almost unheard of at a football game. We were absolutely over the moon with the way it had gone.

Brandon Furse

Every effort was made to show the supporters what it was, be positive with them about the change to digital ticketing, and show them the benefits of it all.

What only SKIDATA can do for you

app-services app-services
Extensive experience: SKIDATA was a pioneer in the NFC technology sphere
save-planet save-planet

Stay sustainable: using the contactless ticketing system, no additional resources are needed

signal signal

Communicate easily with push notifications, event information, traffic updates or advertising, for apple devices

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