Stadium of Light

Stadium of Light: A New Era in Stadium Management

Sunderland AFC Enhances Fan Experience and Operational Efficiency with SKIDATA Solutions
When the entry system at the Stadium of Light required an upgrade, Sunderland AFC thoroughly examined available solutions. The club identified three key requirements: commercial attractiveness, exceptional supplier service, and a clear long-term upgrade plan. SKIDATA emerged as the ideal partner, meeting all these needs and more.

Project Overview 

Seamless NFC eTickets
Dynamic Stadium Map for Real-Time Monitoring
Multi-Event Flexibility
Seamless NFC eTicketing Experience

Since the beginning of the season, Sunderland AFC has successfully implemented digital season tickets, allowing fans of the “Black Cats” to use their smartphones for entry. This transition to digital ticketing has been seamless. The convenience of NFC eTickets has been well-received by supporters, who appreciate the ease of carrying season cards and tickets on their phones. This move enhances the fan experience and provides the club with valuable data to personalize and improve services.
Stadium of Light: A New Era in Stadium Management
Stadium of Light: A New Era in Stadium Management
Dynamic Stadium Map for Real-Time Monitoring
One of the standout features of the SKIDATA system is the dynamic stadium map, which allows for real-time monitoring of fill and flow rates on match days. This functionality is crucial for security, IT, and the ticketing team departments. By providing an innovative eTicketing solution, SKIDATA has enabled Sunderland AFC to streamline match day operations, ensuring smooth entry for fans and better overall stadium management. The ability to monitor and manage crowd flow has significantly improved operational efficiency and enhanced the fan experience.
Flexibility for Multi-Event Configurations
Another significant benefit of the SKIDATA system is its flexibility. The system allows for easy reconfiguration of the stadium for different types of events, including concerts. This adaptability maximizes the use of the Stadium of Light, hosting more than just football matches. The ability to reallocate and reconfigure seating and access points efficiently makes the venue more versatile and commercially viable.
Stadium of Light: A New Era in Stadium Management

And I'd thoroughly recommend any other football club or any other stadia to use SKIDATA.

Steve Davison, Chief Operating Officer, Sunderland AFC

Facts & Figures

Project Name Stadium of Light, Sunderland AFC
City Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England
Capacity / Seats 49,000 seats
Installation Date 2023
Requirement Enhanced security, streamlined access, better fan experience, reduced printed tickets
Solution implemented NFC e-ticketing, dynamic stadium mapping, advanced crowd management, flexible multi-event configurations
Realization / Special Features Digital tickets in smartphone wallets (Google and Apple Wallet), real-time monitoring of crowd flow, reconfiguration for concerts and other events

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