Parking Merced

Estacionamiento Merced

Parking Merced, operated by Akipark, is situated in the urban district of Lastarria, Santiago, which is very well known for its small cafés, lively bars, fancy restaurants & historical buildings. New vintage “boutique” style hotels, an arts cinema and the cultural center “Gabriela Mistral” further underline the district’s reputation of being in Santiago’s cultural heart. The city parking “Merced” benefits from being a stone’s throw from this attractive area and provides space for 300 parking lots on five floors.

Project Overview 

A high-end, reliable solution, with a special focus on design and functionality
A future-ready, upgradable system that will grow as the owner-operator becomes more comfortable and familiar with the Parking.Logic application including all the commercial & operational advantages that can be provided
An online validation system for the various cafés, shops and hotels in Lastarria
Due to safety reasons the customer has chosen illuminated barriers, as it was important to make these accesses as visible as possible due to the heavy use in the evening and nighttime hours. However, because the operator is a fan of sleek European creativity, the design and aesthetics played an important role in his decision making process.
Estacionamiento Merced
Estacionamiento Merced
Another priority was to have a system that allows flexibility, keeping options open for later integrations without needing to upgrade either hardware or software. Cashless payment with bank cards has been in 2015, as well as an online validation system that allows several neighboring businesses such as hotels, cafes and restaurants to print a QR code on a local printer (or sending it to a smartphone) that then applies a validation at the APM.
This system replaces the need to roll out thermal validators to these businesses as the online application performs the same discount function without the need to buy further hardware.
Estacionamiento Merced

What I most like about SKIDATA is the innovation, the design which is definitely important because it is what our clients see, and then the software because it's just what we operators need. Their solutions provide so much functionality such as letting us trace all of our operations, improving the safety of our operations and providing a pleasant customer experience for our visitors.

Alejandro von Teuber, Director Ejecutivo AKIPARK

Facts & Figures

Project Name Estacionamiento Merced, Barrio Lastarria, Santiago Centro
City Santiago, Chile
Installation Date October 2015
Parking slots 300 parking slots
Requirement Safe and flexible system, aesthetics & design
Solution implemented Parking.Logic
Realization / Special Features 4 Power.Gates; 4 Barrier.Gates; 1 Power.Cash; 1 Credit.Cash

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