Sky Stadium

Sky Stadium

New Zealand’s premier multi-purpose stadium is located in Wellington (New Zealand). This major sporting venue is owned and operated by the Wellington Regional Stadium Trust.
The stadium was built in 1999 and is situated close to major transport facilities (such as Wellington Railway Station and Wellington Harbor) one kilometer north of the central business district. The stadium seats 36,000 spectators and was built to provide a larger-capacity venue for one-day international cricket events, rugby and soccer games, as well as major exhibitions and concerts.

Project Overview 

Multiple events and layouts. Different kinds of events like cricket, rugby, exhibitions and concerts – Handshake.Logic supports multiple layouts per mouse-click or by schedule

Rough Environment. Harsh weather conditions combined with the proximity of seawater and railway – SKIDATA’s hardware is designed for extreme conditions and uses high-grade steel components manufactured to ISO 9001 quality control.

Graphic Display. Additional sponsorship value or branding the gates according to the event – SKIDATA gates offer this flexibility to choose.

Sky Stadium’s intention was to replace the 12-year-old turnstile solution with a state-of-the-art access control management system. Owning one of the most prominent venues in New Zealand, it has been important to have a proven and reliable solution, but also one that seamlessly integrates into the overall well-designed venue environment and works with the stadiums existing ticketing provider.
Sky Stadium
Sky Stadium
SKIDATA has been selected to supply its Handshake.Logic software in combination with SKIDATA’s turnstiles and handheld units. Operational performance is important to the stadium operator. That’s where SKIDATA’s software features show their strengths. ‘Pre-Event Ticket Check’ and the central control ‘Monitor’ take event operations planning to the next level.
Important to the operator’s decision was the additional long-term flexibility that Handshake.Logic provides, by supporting future technologies and multiple ticketing systems. A strong brand and marketing are key, and the stadium operator utilizes the full color QVGA display of the SKIDATA Vario.Gate to display the stadium and event’s custom greeting right at the entry gates.
Sky Stadium

This upgrade in our access check points brings unprecedented level of performance, offering a cutting-edge solution that perfectly aligns with our future ticketing strategies.

Hamish Allen, Operations Manager

Facts & Figures

Project Name Wellington Regional Stadium
City Wellington, New Zealand
Installation Date October 2012
Capacity / Seats 36,000 seats
Requirement Provision of a state-of-the-art access control management system, robust equipment, future-proof technology, pre-event check
Solution implemented Vario.Gate, 39 x turnstiles + 1 x swingdoor, 8 x handhelds, Barcode ticket reader and RFID Cards. Handshake.Logic
Realization / Special Features Integration with Ticketek

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