parking self-management

    Fast & easy contract-based parking management – self-service for your business customers


    • Fast & easy parking self-management for your business customers’ entire company fleet and visitors
    • Full flexibility for your customers
    • Less effort and full control for you

    Give your business customers the freedom to manage parking themselves – while you are keeping full control


    Parking self-service made easy for your business customers

    • Your business customers manage their parking permits themselves
    • Leave it up to your customers: Flexibly managing their entire company fleet, issuing visitor permits or registering a staff member’s new car / license plate
    • Enable your customers to generate and issue an unlimited number of permits

    Benefit from less effort and more turnover

    • Save on administrative work and staff resources needed to take care of routine tasks
    • Enable your B2B customers to handle parking contract management by themselves by turning them into partners
    • Increase your revenues and leave your customers maximum flexibility in managing their parking

    What our clients say

    Dieme Ketel

    At Schiphol we invest a lot to provide mobility solutions. There is really a transition in mobility going on with more electric cars and electric buses. But yield management is also important to optimize revenue. We have to be prepared to integrate tomorrow's mobility into our systems.

    Dawson French

    If I was to open a brand new garage today, SKIDATA is what I would install.

    Saroeung Neak

    What we found, that SKIDATA had the sleekest looking equipment. When you speak to building owners, there is actually the first thing we have to worry about is the esthetics of equipment.

    Michael Heiermanng

    SKIDATA is a reliable partner for us with whom we have been implementing innovative and digital solutions for over 20 years.

    Ian Hunter

    Part of the reason why we choose SKIDATA was really about the opportunity to future proof our system. When you look at the opportunity that we have with SKIDATA system to commercialize it.

    What only SKIDATA can do for you

    managing parking permits managing parking permits
    Ensure that your business customers have maximum flexibility in managing their parking permits themselves
    save time save time
    Let you save on time, staff and effort while making sure you stay in control
    increase-parking-revenue increase-parking-revenue
    Enable you to turn your business customers into partners and increase revenues

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