digital parking validation

    Provide an even better visitor experience with digital parking validation solutions


    • Offer partnering businesses validation options with a free parking bonus for their visitors
    • Flexible parking validation that’s custom tailored to the requirements of partnering businesses
    • Optimize the occupancy rate of your parking facility and boost your bottom line
    • Your business partners purchase validation credits and pay in advance or by deferred payment

    Grow your revenue and partner up with nearby retailers, offices and hotels

    Easy parking validation for visitors

    • Offer your parking visitors an even better experience, with all validations applied to the parking fee automatically upon payment
    • The partnering businesses’ visitors can collect multiple validations across different business partners by scanning their parking ticket or their license plate number
    • Return customers at your car park can be awarded a loyalty bonus

    Increase occupancy rate, gain loyal visitors

    • Help to grow customer loyalty at partnering businesses and encourage return visits
    • Optimize the occupancy rate of your parking facility and boost your bottom line
    • Leverage the ability to easily integrate multiple parking facilities even across different providers

    A simple transaction for your partnering businesses

    • Flexible parking fee validation that’s custom tailored to the requirements of partnering businesses
    • No need for collecting and redeeming multiple validation vouchers
    • Offer validation quotas and validate staff access
    • Business partners can use validation to reward their visitors and guests

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    What our clients say

    We've had a very good support from SKIDATA – we have had excellent support.

    We believed that SKIDATA was going to be good for our shopping center, but once installed it was much better, it exceeded our expectations.

    I think from our point of view I am very much looking forward to the partnership with SKIDATA both in Ireland and in Europe and how we develop the systems together to understanding and collaboration to basically continue to make the system future proof.

    The service that SKIDATA has provided for us so far has been excellent through the tender process and the level of communication and involvement.

    Part of the reason why we choose SKIDATA was really about the opportunity to future proof our system. When you look at the opportunity that we have with SKIDATA system to commercialize it.

    What only SKIDATA can do for you

    validation-parking-partner b-add
    Partner up with nearby businesses and grow your revenues with easy digital validation
    chart-bar-33 chart-bar-33
    Manage validations for multiple car parks with ease, including reports and analytics
    easily integrate parking facilities easily integrate parking facilities
    Easily integrate parking facilities of multiple providers

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