urban & mixed mobility

    Smart urban mobility starts here: Create a seamless end-to-end traveling experience including parking


    • The multiple ride concept: Connect your car park with public transportation, or bike and scooter rental to provide your visitors with a seamless car-public transport mobility experience
    • Easily process many various tasks with one single solution: Make journeys convenient for all your customers and meet the needs and wishes of different customer groups
    • Fully integrate on-street and off-street parking and payment into your mobility concept
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    Make your parking a mobility hub

    Connect your car park to urban mobility

    • Whether commuting or visiting a city: Your visitors book and pay parking and public transport online to benefit from a seamless travel experience
    • Offer your parkers the opportunity to explore the city also by bicycle or by e-scooter – conveniently booked and paid online together with the parking slot
    • Unlock new revenue streams with online bookings of parking, EV-charging, bike or scooter rental and public transportation in one go

    Support your visitors’ plans best

    • Your visitors benefit from easily booking their parking slot as a supplement of their travel ticket in one go
    • You easily handle all tickets or cards – including third-party cards – of ad-hoc travelers
    • Offer contract holders a new, easy-to-use mixed-mobility transportation concept including booking and payment of parking or rental

    Fully integrated on-street and off-street parking

    • Include your on- and off-street parking offers into apps and make your visitors choose and navigate to the one that suits their needs best
    • Offer all parking services on-street and off-street via your own web shop with consistent corporate branding and identity, and hold on to the revenues
    • Combine public transportation with easy on-street and off-street parking as well as scooter rental for a seamless end-to-end traveling experience

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    What our clients say

    What I most like about SKIDATA is the innovation, the design which is definitely important because it is what our clients see, and then the software because it's just what we operators need. 

    Their solutions provide so much functionality such as letting us trace all of our operations, improving the safety of our operations and providing a pleasant customer experience for our visitors.

    SKIDATA was by far the company who was going to help us to achieve what we wanted to for our business going forward.

    It's probably like buying a Rolls Royce, if I was comparing it with a car. It is definitely one of the best manufacturers out there in the market. And I believe, this is probably because they listen to their clients.

    We spend some time going through different suppliers. We saw about six or seven suppliers. Quite quickly, we narrowed it down to who was the market leader.

    What only SKIDATA can do for you

    new-construction new-construction
    Make your parking offers part of the urban mobility landscape
    referee referee
    Easily handle all tickets and cards of travelers
    add-to-cart-2 add-to-cart-2
    Offer in your own web shop on- and off-street parking and multi-modal transportation

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