“SKIDATA promotes holistic health for our employees.”

As a dedicated company doctor, Dr. Thomas Danninger supports further development of SKIDATA Health Benefits. With this extensive range of services, SKIDATA promotes the mental and physical health of its employees.

It's a matter of attitude. As a company doctor, you can wait in the office all day for someone to come by, or you can be like Dr. Thomas Danninger. "I go to the people," he says. "SKIDATA's offer to its employees only works if the employees see me, know me and talk with me.” Thomas has succeeded in establishing trusting relationships with

SKIDATA’s employees since he took over the company doctor position in February 2017. SKIDATA's comprehensive health concept is based on four pillars: physical health, mental health, sport and nutrition, and Thomas is a part of this commitment. SKIDATA is always expanding our health strategy with the support of the company doctor.

Consultation hours and guided tours

The most common complaints employees bring to Thomas are musculo-skeletal problems – a common result of spending many hours in front of a computer. "I'm at the company once a week," says the company doctor. "Employees can easily request an appointment from me via Outlook. During his office hours Thomas is available for consultations. "Then I am on the road and advise the employees directly at their worksites."

To compensate for computer work postures, Thomas recommends that employees take as many breaks as possible. "SKIDATA has created plenty of options for breaks, and has a working time model which allows employees to take breaks at will, without having to keep a record or report them." For the breaks, SKIDATA provides healthy snacks for free, including coffee, drinks, and fruit. "This also helps employees to talk across teams in the cafeteria," reports Thomas. "Many teams use the relaxed atmosphere in the cafeteria, or the summer terrace, to hold small meetings. Mixing up one's environment is important."

Ergonomically designed workstations

The ergonomically designed workstations also provide variety and movement, and can be individually adapted. The office chairs dynamically allow for seated movement, and must also be comfortable. "Dynamic sitting means that you can also lounge in your chair. This relieves the strain on the bodies joints and provides more comfort for employees," explains Thomas. Since working at a monitor puts a strain on the eyes, the company offers an annual eye examination and of course provides employees with monitor glasses. The adjustment to workstation monitors is carried out on a case-by-case basis by master opticians. "The special glasses are adapted to the distance between the eyes and the screen," says Thomas.

Useful information on the Intranet

The company intranet provides easy access to reference material regarding healthy work environment design. This ensures that even remote employees can find all the tips and advice on the correct position of screens, chairs, tables, and lighting needed for a healthy workplace. Thomas' tasks also include safety instructions, which are implemented with a safety specialist. Every employee needs to know where the escape routes are, where the first-aid kits are, and how to respond to emergencies. Emergency response is a matter close to Thomas' heart.

Headquarter massage

Thomas is responsible for a range of tasks, but as a company doctor he is not a general medical practitioner, although he does have the training. After studying medicine in Innsbruck, he first completed three-and-a-half years of training as a general practitioner in Salzburg before focussing on anaesthesia and intensive medicine. Today, the 36-year-old is a senior anaesthesiologist at the University Clinic for Anaesthesiology at the University Hospital Salzburg. He took over this task in addition to his work at the clinic, from his father who had also been a company doctor.

His main role is prevention and counselling. In cases of musculo-skeletal complaints, the physiotherapist is involved early on and also regularly visits SKIDATA headquarters. "The appointments are in high demand," says Thomas. For these massages, SKIDATA covers a portion of the costs. Thomas Danninger's services are free for SKIDATA employees, which includes the tick vaccination in the spring and flu vaccination in the autumn.

Prioritizing stroke prevention and back health

Thomas is also a passionate supporter of furthering SKIDATA's holistic health concept. In 2018, the company focused on stroke prevention. Specialists from several fields visited the headquarters to provide a range of preventative screenings as part of company health promotion. Thomas reportes, "This program went over very well with almost 30 percent of the employees taking part. It’s a great value for these types of preventive checks." These screenings were further supplemented by various keynotes, for example, the former biathlete turned sports physician Dr. Günther Beck spoke on the topic of micronutrients.

2019 has been dedicated to back health. In cooperation with Uniqa Insurance, about 100 employees have checked for endurance, mobility, and coordination from the Uniqa Health Truck. As a result, "SKIDATA employees are some of the fittest in Austria," says Thomas. There were also lectures on extreme sports from Axel Naglich and Conny Hörl on "Top nutrition, top performance."

SKIDATA will focus on "First Aid" for next years health topic and already have some exciting offers in the works, with details coming out soon.

Coaching, Sports, and Therapy

Finally, company health programs are topped off with the Employee Assistance services offered by Consentiv and a psychologist, and extensive sports facilities. SKIDATA teams successfully participated in the Salzburg Business Run. But, beyond the company wide efforts, many employees also enjoy sports together on a smaller scale. Thomas recalls, "There are a few who go skiing together on winter mornings before work, which is made possible because they can shower at headquarters before they start work.”

SKIDATA’s commitment to wellness with the company doctor and the comprehensive health program, benefits the employees and company as a whole. Thomas reports, “I’m familiar with different employers, companies and cultures, and SKIDATA is one of the companies that places the highest importance on employee wellness. Resulting in very fit and satisfied employees with great performance."