Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport

Integration of tomorrow’s mobility into today’s parking systems
Schiphol Airport is known as a major passenger and freight gateway into the Netherlands and Western Europe, ranking amongst Europe’s top five airports. There are 800 companies located at Schiphol with a total of 68,000 employees.

Project Overview 

“Schiphol Smart Parking”: online reservation on the Internet platform; pre-booking of parking space for hassle-free parking; use of credit cards as tickets
Acceptance of the “frequent traveler“ Premium Card, providing access to VIP Parking
Driving in and out by credit card with convenient pay-at-exit using the mobile payment solution by SKIDATA
SKIDATA has equipped more than 7 long-term and short-term car parks and more than 10 staff parkings, comprising 45,000 parking slots. There are also 180 shops and food & beverage concessions on the airport premises.
Schiphol Airport
Schiphol Airport
The overall car park area with its extensive capacity is the largest in the Netherlands. It is divided into various individual car parks, each with its specific requirements and configurations. What is important for the Parking & Mobility Service at Schiphol Airport: Optimized yield management, central monitoring & control of all car parks, powerful business analytics and high-level cyber security.
Schiphol also provides a dedicated parking zone for VIP clients, and an additional two car parks for the guests of the hotel at the airport. All car parks are linked to a central monitoring & control and the comprehensive parking management system that allows efficient administration.
Schiphol Airport

At Schiphol we invest a lot to provide mobility solutions. There is really a transition in mobility going on, with a trend towards more electric cars and electric buses. But yield management is also important to optimize revenue. We have to be prepared to integrate tomorrow's mobility into our systems.

Dieme Ketel, Director Parking & Mobility Services

Facts & Figures

Project Name Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
City Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Installation Date 2007; mobile payment solution in 2020
Parking slots 45,000 parking slots
Requirement Integration of tomorrow’s mobility into the parking systems
Solution implemented Airport Parking Solution, comprising online reservation of parking slot for hassle-free parking, pre-booking of VIP-parking, use of credit cards as tickets, onsite or mobile payment with pay-at-exit using the mobile payment solution by SKIDATA

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