A team – at work and in sports

Sports are central at SKIDATA and firmly anchored in our corporate culture.

At SKIDATA we enjoy team sports at company events and privately in our leisure time. Though we do it for the love of the game, we're also winners, which is why we've started showcasing our trophies and team photos from competitions in the cafeteria.

On the Go-Kart Track

Pole Position: For over ten years the SKIDATA go-kart team, led by Team Captain Jürgen, has consistently crossed the finish line in first place at the go-karting championships in both individual and team competitions. Currently, there are roughly a handful of go-kart drivers actively involved. After winning multiple national championship titles, we've actually qualified for the national finale the Kart Grand Prix. Our outdoor team has been strong competition for the finalists of other area teams under the most adverse weather conditions and once again prove their quality and consistency.

On the Field

Round thing: our soccer team has also been alive and kicking for more than ten years and taking part in the annual Salzburg company championships - in May/June on the small pitch, and then, in November, at an indoor recreation hall. The best teams practice consistently. "Our trophies underscore that," remarks Coach Roland. In 2018 we were "Flachgauer Meister" at the small pitch tournament and second overall at the indoor tournament. The squad is comprised of roughly 18 active players. However, the weekly Thursday evening training is open to any SKIDATA employees who enjoy playing Soccer.

Large round thing: Soccer is only as serious as you want it to be. It can also be lighthearted entertainment, as is the case with bubble soccer. However, the physical challenge should not be underestimated. Under the guidance of the Team Captain Christoph, we've been pretty successful competing in the Bubble Soccer competition held by the Salzburg Chamber of Labor. In 2018 we even reached third place. Our next tournament will take place this June.

On the Ice

Fighter's Strength: We have an annual tradition of holding an internal ice hockey tournament, organized by our own former Landesliga player, turned SKIDATA team Captain, Andreas. Two SKIDATA teams compete in a friendly match, full of comradery. On both sides, there will be experts who play regularly, as well as casual players who only wear their kits once a year. Though it's always a big event, there's no trophy. Instead, we customarily have a final debriefing after the hockey tournament over a traditional Austrian "Jause" - a hearty array of bread, cold cuts and meats, at the Bräustüberl.

Running, Biking, or Swimming

Endurance: Many SKIDATA employees routinely pull on their running shoes and get going. Beyond jogging independently, our company also demonstrates our passion for running by participating in various competitions. In the Salzburg Business Run, we regularly have one of the highest turnouts. The last time we competed with 17 teams. For many of our athletes, the business run was only the final stage, because we had already measured-up against other companies through the running challenge over the summer. Company support is also demonstrated with a donation to Children's Cancer Relief of Salzburg, for every kilometer completed in the running challenge. The run challenge and the Salzburg Business Run are a constant on the SKIDATA sports calendar and the display photos and medals in the showcase demonstrate our commitment.

Even more endurance: Salzburg and its surroundings afford us with a well-developed network of cycle paths. Many SKIDATA employees commute by bike. We also participate in the "cyclists win" initiative, which is run by the Salzburg Climate Alliance. However, that's not all, some of us also take part in the Salzburg company triathlon. Which consists of, first, a swim in the lake of Lieferingen, then two bicycle-laps to the Saalachspitz and back, and finally two laps running around the fishpond of Lieferingen. Our new challenge starts in May, and with any luck, we'll have a new trophy in the case to show for it ...